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Nov 3, 2009 05:57 PM

Chicken Soup virgin, Help!

Looked through some old posts for chicken soup recipes, and trying to figure out what to do since none of them were exactly what I was thinking...thing is this, I don't really like the chicken that is in chicken soup most of the time, it's either stringy dried out, or tasteless--also, no one in our house eats dark meat chicken, so need to do something with white meat...i know, i know...dark meat has more flavor...

BUT, I finally got my roasted rosemary lemon chicken breasts down to a would like to make a chicken soup, from the carcasses, and then add the chicken breast meat which is always so flavorful to the, is this the correct way to proceed...?

Take the roasted carcasses (should I do this the same day?), and put them into a large stock pot and add 3 carrots whole, 2 parsnips whole, 1 onion (is sweet onion okay?)--what about shallots instead?, 6 garlic cloves, salt,some fresh rosemary springs-am not allowed black pepper, so can't use---cover this arrangement with water and bring it to a boil, and then turn it low to simmer, and keep it there for 2 hours.

Strain it through wire mesh strainer (is this fine enough), and then put it into the fridge until it congeals and a fat layer appears on top, it should be white and scrape it off.

Start now to make the soup, saute in olive oil some thinly sliced carrots, parsnips, with garlic and put aside. Heat the stock from the fridge into a large soup pot (will I have enough with 5 chicken breast carcasses?)---add the sauteed veggies, and add some more salt if necessary,,--i do not like dill weed in chicken soup, --so hoping it will have a locked in rosemary flavor---Have some noodles that I have parcooked separately, add this and then throw in the chicken that came from the original roasting ( how do you shred chicken?).....
do this last since it's already cooked just want to make it hot thoughout, and then add some chopped parsley lastly and serve.

Does this sound good? Will I have enough broth? Proper way to shred chicken? Best to parboil noodles? Best noodles, egg or otherwise?

Thanks from the experts !

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  1. That sounds good to me. Soup is forgiving, you have the right way to keep the chicken moist. It gets dry when it is the same meat used in making the stock. I like dry egg noodles in my soup. If you end up with a lot of broth then you don't have to parboil, but the noodles will absorb a lot. I shred chicken by pulling it apart by hand - it will come apart along the grain. I have used a fork but it takes longer and I think it is a PITA.

    1. Sounds spot on! Parsnips are super strong sometimes though. If you're not used to their flavor, you may want to omit or just use one -- they can sometimes overpower your chicken broth flavor.

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        dv is right about parsnips. I love a parsnip in chicken soup, and even though I love parsnips generally, i use only ONE in my soup.

        1. re: janniecooks

          I found out about parsnips the hard way. Nobody told me that they could smell (and taste) like carrots dipped in Pine-Sol.

      2. Sounds good. I would add a bay leaf or two to the carcasses, and some chopped up celery, if you have it. (Chopped celery would also be a great addition at the soup stage.) I wouldn't use shallots for this purpose, though, as it would be a waste, in my opinion. The sweet onion is fine, if that's what you have. If you are going to have leftover soup, I would keep the noodles separate and only reheat the stock that you will be eating at that sitting, adding the needed noodles for that portion, rather than adding all the noodles. Keep the rest of the noodles in the fridge in a separate container: I find they get mushy if put back in the fridge in the stock. Regarding the noodles, just go with your preference. I sometimes use rotini, though egg noodles are delicious, too!!

        Btw, you don't need to "shred" the chicken; I usually just chop mine -- you could chop it into the size you are chopping the other ingredients to.

        1. I like to add couscous instead of noodles and some chopped fresh dill at the end is a great addition. I agree with the bay leaves and celery. Also I usually add a fresh tomato for color.

          1. When you take off the white layer of fat, make sure you don't take off any gelatin that may have formed under that fat layer.

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              Right on, and keep the fat for roast potatoes!!!