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Hovis Bread

Has anyone seen this in Vancouver? Again, a British thing but I used to get it in White Rock. Unique flavour - sweet and nutty.

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  1. I have seen it at Celtic Treasures at 41st and Dunbar in Vancouver. Can't vouch for quality.

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      We ate this all the time when we were kids growing up in Kerrisdale! I think mum got it from Moore's but I'll try to find out...

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        omg as they say - whatever became of MOORES - what was the nice dress shop next door! and the Kerrisdale Bootery (not bakery) - vol au vents that i am now looking for - the tea cakes - and the hovis

        it used to come in a cello package at Woodwards - then Safeway - and i presume many other places.

        what is hovis - a fine dark rye bread? thinly sliced by machine only and toasted. With butter on top, nothing better.

        i came across this recipe http://www.rankhovis.co.uk/latest-new...

        only the brits would add gravy mix to a bread - were we not just talking about marmite and chip (crisp) flavors?

    2. Tinker's Hatch on MacKenzie just north of 33rd has nice Hovis according to my wife (I am not a big fan of Hovis).

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        Thanks. I'll give these places a try.

      2. Tinker's Hatch really does have good hovis bread, also, if you go to Sidney on the Ferry, Fairway grocery store has a very good one, although it is sliced, which I don't like. There are some good recipes on line as well..... Enjoy, Happy New year!

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          Mum confirmed it was Moore's. I'd hate to have to slice Hovis bread commercially as it's so tiny...

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            Didn't see this till today. Thanks folks. Off I go to both those places.

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              I live in the Fraser Valley and don't get into the big city all that often. Does anyone know of anywhere outside Vancouver that sells Hovis bread or scones? Or do I have to try and make my own?

        2. Also looking for a place in Kelowna area where I can purchase. Or perhaps online. Crazy enough it might work

          1. Is there a particular type of Hovis which you're into?

            I live in the UK and think Hovis bread is pretty much the UK equivalent of Wonder Bread.

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              hi there - i think we are talking about a dense small brown (taffy) colored loaf - for us out here it was thinly sliced

              i think there were even hovis crackers (biscuits) - aren't they still in those cheese biscuit multi-paks that we get out here from Pres Choice and such. it's kind of like a meatier less sweet digestive biscuit
              - like this one from Tesco

              goodness knows i'm crazy about Jacobs Cornish Wafers (which i think are at Celtic Treasure Chest on Dunbar


              here is a link to what the good old Celtic Treasure Chest calls "Jacobs Hovis Digestive" (you have to scroll thru the list and call them) - http://www.celtictreasurechest.com/pr...

              here is what the bread looks like ---


            2. Not Hovis, but I eat European Breads Bakery's Barley Quinoa bread. It really reminds me of the Hovis I ate when I was a kid. Very dense, nutty, organic, and wheat-free (not gluten-free). I buy it at Donald's.

              1. any updates re: hovis --- the small dense yeast bread - just curious - i remember it at Woodwards etc. more recently Safeway

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                  Go to Galloways on Alderbridge in RIchmond, They carry Hovis flour, and you can make two loaves from 750 gr. bag. recipe is online. Use small loaf pans, and let rise longer than suggested. I haven't seen it at Safeways for as long as I can remember...