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Nov 3, 2009 03:26 PM

Jamaican Chinese

I know there is (was?) a large Chinese population in Jamaica that has resulted in a culinary fusion of cuisines. Does anyone know of any good spots to try this specialty? I don't mean Hakka - which I believe is a different animal.

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  1. I think you will find that there might be fried rice or chow mein at some west Indian places. You might even find siu mein or a sau bao, but I do not know of a place that specializes in that type of cuisine. Also you might find that other West Indian places often have similar "Chinese" style dishes.

    1. I believe there's a place called Wong's on Bathurst north of Bloor that does exactly what you are after...had it once, good stuff but heard pretty complimentary reviews on this board in the past

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        Wong's closed about two years ago IIRC.

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          Wish I knew that WONG's was closed last month. I totally went to its former location last month to specifically try out the Chinese Jamaican food and it was definitely 100% closed. :( I procrastinated too long and heard about this place for years from reviews on EYE and NOW magazine.

          Any more suggestions on authentic Chinese/West Indian restaurants to try out? I specifically wanna visit a place where the person cooking is Chinese and did originate from Jamaica, Guyana, Trinidad or other parts of the Caribbean.

      2. Nun-Such Jerk at 2300 Lawrence Ave. E at Kennedy (in the White Shields Plaza).

        Nun-Such Jerk
        2300 Lawrence Av E, Toronto, ON M1P4Z5, CA