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Nov 3, 2009 03:25 PM

are there any good restaurants in pacific palisades? if so, what are they?

i will have some family in town over the holiday season staying in the pacific palisades area. i live not too far away - but have NEVER even been to a restaurant in pacific palisades! i feel like that's crazy, but it's true. i did some google searches and chowhound searches and have not come up with much.

are there any good eats to be had? is it a culinary wasteland? if you know of good restaurants, i'd love to pass them along to my family.

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  1. Wasteland is a harsh word but sums it up. Taste is pretty good on Sunset and Palisades Drive, as is Casa Nostra, which is a new place couple of miles further up the hill. Also there is Cafe Delfini is on W. Channel near PCH, across the street from Giorgio Baldi.

    Cafe Delfini
    145 W Channel Rd, Santa Monica, CA 90402

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      When I was last at Delfini it was so noisy that the experience was flawed. The food was fine, though.