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Nov 3, 2009 03:10 PM

Gio deserves a dedicated post: Luigi's is Fantastic. Let Us Give Props.

Yeah, yeah, another damn pizza post. But, what's with all the hemmin' and hawin'? We all know the usual joints around Bklyn and the city and have argued the points, fine and otherwise, into the cold ground. But, there's one place that's not received it's online due and certainly not a CH post that would come up high on a search. Luigi's is no artisinal arrivisté, and Giovanni is certainly not any indifferent slice slinger.

At 5th around 20th there's little reason Slope, WT, etc. CH people shouldn't be walking, driving, FLOCKING to this humble house of wonderment.

If you haven't been there yet: get the pie with the slabs of mozz and his special basil sauce or the Sicilian with the special piquant tomato sauce. And everybody but vegetarians should start with the spectacular supreme with the slices of A&S soppressata.

So let's hear it: love it, hate it, or something in between.

Luigi's Pizza
686 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215

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  1. this is like a carbon copy of the other post. eerily strange....

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    1. re: Jeffsayyes

      My mistake for responding to that other post in my head, but creating a new post. My purpose was to rectify what I thought was an unfortunate absence of posts dedicated to Luigi's. The place has been mentioned before, sometimes merely in passing, but attention doesn't seem to be paid much.

      Other than the first line, which I can't edit now, how is what I wrote a "carbon copy"? What exactly are you saying?

      That "not another pizza post" has an amusing narrative and ultimately praises Luigi's but there's no link and the whole thing seems a tad non-committal. The author is still asking for help, and a responder is also still searching. Doesn't sound like a ringing endorsement.

      Do a search on CH: not too many mentions, only one post with "Luigi's" in the title, and that one ain't too positive. I'm just trying to rectify that, and do what we're supposed to do here - spread the word about a great joint and help keep it open.

      1. re: noisejoke

        Hey I'm totally with you. If you read my response to the thread which I thought was "eerily similar"
        I thought they gave a glowing review of it. just were asking for more recommendations.

        I"m not snarking you at all. I've been all around this damn city looking for pizza. I found love at Luigi's. no need to worry about high rent shutting them down, they own the building. In other writing, I've referred to Giovanni as the Howard Roarke of pizza.

          1. re: NYJewboy

            The main character in The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand. An architect. No further comment.

          2. re: Jeffsayyes

            JSY - I thought maybe you were accusing me of plagiarism. I guess you were pointing out that others were getting on the Luigi's train. I appreciate you reaching out and making the point that we're all happy to be talking about a happy thing.

            So, again, my point was merely to give Gio a dedicated post. From hanging out there I've learned many things (his dad's basil, his grandfather's sauce for the square, he owns the building and another one with his supplies stored - yeah, I dig that he's not going anywhere soon, but he still deserves to be known), but I was very sad to hear he felt no love from the CH crowd. Maybe he was referring to the one post characterizing him as grumpy.

            Anyway, here's to him and all of us digging what he does. Today I had two basil slices fresh out of the oven, and a Sicilian reheated. All were spectacular. The basil slices were miraculously thin, but not too floppy; the mozz was awesomely milky. The square was good oily, crunchy and fluffy!

            Nice Rand ref! Tho, Gio ain't no Gary Cooper. :)

      2. Shhhh. you'll ruin it for those of us in the know ;- )

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        1. re: detour

          i am the op of the other post and perhaps you are correct, i should have name checked the place in the headline.
          that said, i am crazy about this place and feel it deserves more attention. as i am from out of town i was merely trying to discover other places like this, it seems there should be several, and yes i am still searching.
          is this a bad thing? bringing attention to deserving pizzaolos making great pizza for reasonable money rather than standing in line for hours for 5 dollars a slice?
          i thought the grumpy was great, he was fine to me and i even got a laugh out of him. of course i will go back, i just find the hunt fun.

          1. re: hyde

            strangely, I think my reply to this got deleted... or maybe my computer hiccuped.

            To give you some more suggestions, try Amore in Flushing or Johns in Elmhurst. damn, I went in to some depth before, maybe it was because I sent a link to my site, but was that really so bad? if you go through my profile, you can get to the 5boro pizza tour which has a ton of real pizza all around the city.
            There are also a few helpful threads here. It is amazing how many great places have yet to be "discovered" by non-locals.

            Amore Cafe
            8434 164th St, Queens, NY 11432

            1. re: Jeffsayyes

              honestly this is all i was looking for. cool.

        2. okay so we were over on 5th Ave today and decided to drop in here for some lunchtime slices. Definitely some excellent pizza--the crust is truly fantastic, crispy and thin and not a soggy bit in site. We had a couple of regular slices and then one slice of the special with mozzarella and the basil sauce. Is it mind-blowing pizza? Perhaps not, but that's fine, I am happy with some really quality pizza nearby. Also, I have to confess I have a head cold winding down so, with stuffed nose I really couldn't taste much, it was more about texture today :) Hubby did say the sauce was quite good and I'll have to take his word for the moment :( Too bad I think they are a bit too far from us for delivery.