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Nov 3, 2009 02:06 PM

Good eating in Vegas

I will be staying at the Venetian next week-any suggestions on a good, non touristy place to eat whithin walking distance??

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  1. Within walking distance from the strip and non touristy? Unless you don't mind walking at least 3 miles you've got me stumped, and I've lived here 10 years. Any other Vegas Chowhounds who can think of something that fits daveyd's criteria?

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    1. re: Whisper

      Not really. The one that does come to mind of is Cafe BaBaReba, over at the Fashion Show mall, across the street and Wynn and Palazzo. You gotta remember: you -are- on the Strip. EVERYTHING will be touristy. No way to get around it. Pay $15 for a cab, and head to Chinatown.

    2. daveyd - i agree with the $15 cab ride to Spring mtn ( chinatown ) - so many great spots including some "non-asian" spots, too.