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Washington to NY-Crabs

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Looking for a crab place-steamed, crabcakes or seafood- that would be an easy off of the Turnpike driving from Washington DC to the NY area. Any suggestions????

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  1. You could wait a long time at a good place for steamed crabs. Cooked to order, even if you are seated immediately, is not exactly fast food. I once stopped at Bill's Terrace Inn (Baltimore) for crabs on the way to Philly. It's pretty easy. But there are no reservations and they open up at 4pm, which is when you should be there if you want to avoid a long wait.

    1. To sort of echo Steve's post (since most steamed crab ventures I've had usually last hours) aim for the crabcakes. With that in mind, so some searching, but I'll certainly say Faidley's is good - Lex Market, which adds another plus.

      Lex Cafe
      111 Massachusetts Ave NW Ste Bsmt, Washington, DC 20001

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        I agree with Dennis all the way. Crabcakes at Faidley's in Lexington Market in Baltimore is the way to go for sure.

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          Have been to Faidley's. Looking for something that I don't have to go into the city for. Something easy off and easy on....not necessarily "fast food". Maybe a crab shack somewhere near the baltimore area, but not in Baltimore. Will be going thru on a Sunday.

      2. How about G&M Restaurant & Carry Out in Linthicum Heights? They have some of the meatiest crabcakes I've ever had. Fantastic value and it's right where the BW Pkwy meets 695.

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          I was underwhelmed by them and while generally equal, there are many votes against them. I think I heard that they used to be much better and either an ownership change or something else changed the quality.

          I love the space, but really was underwhelmed, and from the few reports I've read about other things, they're not really key on much. For me, I chalk it up to expectation that leads to disappointment.

          Trying to be fair and equal here.

        2. Woody's Crabhouse in North East, MD is not too far off of I-95.

          Menu & Directions at http://www.woodyscrabhouse.com/

          From I-95, take Exit 100, MD-272, towards North East. Straight through the lights at Rt.40 and Rt. 7, and continue into town. It's on the right

          1. There's a little roadside joint in Odenton, behind BWI Airport off Route 100, called Roy's Kwik Korner. They have a tasty crabcake and a really good crab soup.

            1. Gunning's Seafood at MD 100 and Dorsey Road, very close to 95 and 295. Good crabcakes and you can call ahead for crabs to save time. Full bar as well.

              1. Schultz's at 1732 Old Eastern Ave in Essex is close to the 695/95 Interchange and has great crabs and crab dishes with lots of Bawlmer ambiance.

                1. In Burlington, NJ there is a place that I would classify as a joint or dive.....but it's a local favorite. I was taken there by a friends who are doctors from Princeton......they told me it's a popular place for all the hospital employees to meet for dinner......and it's 30 miles away.

                  No frills dining.....but the crabs were fresh and great dipped in butter.....


                  1. If you want crabs (and other seafood) with no frills, that is totally fresh, head to the Maine Ave fish market area in DC (off of I-395). It is a fish market on one side and the other side has cooked crabs, crab chowder soups, steamed shrimp, etc. etc.

                    1. If you want fresh blue crabs steamed to order as they should be and not reheated from cold (and God knows how old), off of 95 and right off of the Baltimore Beltway (695), I recommend "Conrads Crabs". Great crabs, they catch their own!


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                        That is exactly what I want. Are they open on Sundays???

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                          They are open on Sundays. Make sure you ask for the free crab paper to eat off of.