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Nov 3, 2009 01:23 PM

Shopping trip to St,louis.

We will be doing our shopping trip this year to your fair city,on our agenda is the hill,trader joe's Whole foods,Costco,and G&W sausage company,pappy's and pumpernickels are the places we want to eat at, please tell me pumpernickels is a good place to eat???? as we also want to bring home some smoked lox and whitefish.We need a place thats in the middle or somewhat close to these area's for a motel room for the night.,not too high as we are 2 senior ladies.please help.

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  1. Hi ladies, well - I love St Louis. I would suggest a hotel along Olive Road and Highway 270. There is a nice Drury Inn on the Southeast corner of this near Pumpernickles and another great place called Provisions. Also, near there is a place called Kahn's which could offer your smoked lox. Yes, Pumpernickels is great. They had a mgmt. change and I think it still a fantastic destination! Stop by down the road for the best bagels in the city - the only ones that are boiled, not baked (forgot the name, something like The Bagel Company on Olive near Craig Road). Enjoy!

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      If your experience with Jewish delicatessen foods is limited to what you can get in St. Louis then I suppose Pumpernickel's is okay. Unfortunately, there is no truly great Jewish deli in town. You'll have to go to NYC or Chicago or Cleveland, etc., for that. The place referred to by msausen is Kohn's, not Kahn's. It's a kosher meat market and delicatessen but I'm not in love with their offerings. The Bagel Factory is the place on Olive referred to above. I agree that their bagels are as good as any you'll get in town.

      Bagel Factory Cafe
      1120 E Lincoln St, Birmingham, MI 48009

    2. Ladies, Just an FYI on a few of your destinations. There is a new Costco that is supposed to open this month at Manchester and Hwy 141(Woodsmill) but I don't know the exact date. Just north at 141 and Clayton is a newer Whole Foods.
      Pappy's is safest (having a full selection of items) as a lunch destination. I love the variety of brats at G&W but I really like a couple of the salsccia at Manzos ( ) so depending on what type of sausage you are looking for you might want to go here as well.
      BTW what direction are you coming in from because there are some hotels and motels in Fenton that might be easier access to most of your destinations. Feel free to toss out any questions and we will try to help.

      1. Ladies if you want incredible Corned Beef or Pastrami type sandwiches, great cole slaw and Dr. Browns at a great price, I highly suggest Carl's deli. I don't think (don't remember) if they have fish and stuff but they have great sandwiches at cheap prices. Like 6.95 for nearly a pound of meat.

        Really great. It is a bit of a hole in the wall, but never fails to please.


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          Thank you for all your good info,we will be coming from harrison Ar.going to Volpi's for my Italian sausage and german sausage at G&W,we'll be there the 18th of this month hopefully the new Costco is open by then couldn't get the info from their web site,will also go to the bagel place you suggested, thank you again everyone.

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            Since you are coming up Hwy 44 I think Fenton might be your best bet since the hotels/motels are about a 1/2 mile from Hwy 44 and 270. Just try and plan around rush hour since that area is pretty congested during those times.

        2. if you're feeling adventurous here's a post I put up a while back

          "use caution, but some of those North side neighborhoods are changing fast and for the better (still have a way to go, but...) - hell we used to go to punk shows at the old Turnverein on Hyde Park in the 80's and elsewhere when crack was king - that was scary, now there is recent townhouse development. check out Pietukowski's (sp?) sausage on N. Florissant near Grand."

          and for Asian nothing beats Jay Asia on South Grand (I haven't had the chance to check out their sister in where Kirkwood?

          for lox and whitefish NYC's Zabar's and Russ and Daughters do mail order (and you'll never go anywhere else - I wait until a friend is going to NYC and offer bribes)

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            I'm a transplant from Miami where we where privy to all the good food's bagels lox whatever we wanted ,so I was really devastated when I saw the food situation here that includes Springfied,Mo as we make food trips their 2 a month abig city and terrible access to good food,thats why I'm so grateful to you chowhounds for all the help you've given me,I am a real foodie aas you can see I travel quite a long way to get the goodies I need.
            I'd like to tell you about a seafood place in Pensacola should you be traveling that way ,load up a cooler with all the seafood you want or need,they also ship,and it arrives in top shape,had a package send by land here,, so the shipping costs where very good don't know if they ship by land to St, louis or not,but as a fellow chowhound said a market to die for, not even in Miami is there one like this,check it out when you get a chance..Joe Patti's seafood Co.yes I knew about Russ and daughters,too bad I don't have anyone that travels that way as the cost to have it shipped is very high my pocket book won't strech that far.

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              Pensacola mail order seafood? - spill (so to speak)

              if you find yourself in the CWE (Euclid and Lindell near Forest Park) look for fish at Kopperman's or Straub's (S has another location in Clayton and K is a deli)

              AR? I've found good things in LR in the Heights.

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                here is the web site of Joe Patti's 1-800-500-9929 .I just checked out their site and it looks like St.Louis might be on the ground shipping list,I'll be ordering my stone crabs soon,I had my shipment in the middle of july and it came perfect,comparing prices at the fish market in springfied I came out ahead by getting it from Joe,also let me tell you if you don't see the fish on their listing just ask it's toll free for instance I didn't see snapper redfish nor pompano ,the place is fantastic,so what they show online is just a drop in the bucket.
                I'm just in hogs heaven knowing the new Costco will be open when we arrive,love that it looks like I'll have to put Manzo's on my list and maybe extend our visit to 2 days stay so we can see a few of the sites.

            2. re: hill food

              The sibling of Jay Asia is Global Foods on Kirkwood Road (which is what Lindbergh Boulevard is called as it goes through that suburb, between I-44 and I-64) and it is, IMHO, even better, more items and less cluttered. And the prices are very good. Open every day. Global Foods Market
              421 N. Kirkwood Rd., Kirkwood

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                thanks I knew there was one, but not the details

            3. NOV 18 - you will still be able to have a frozen custard at Fritz's in Valley Park.

              So, I suggest the Drury Inn (I-44 and MO 141) or the Pear Tree Inn (I-44 and Bowles).

              The Costco on 141, just north of Manchester, opens on NOV 17.