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Nov 3, 2009 12:54 PM

Taco Caterer for Party - Any Recs?

Need a taco guy for the end of this month. Just the basics......Asada, Pollo and Pastor.
Had a party a couple months ago and had a taco guy that was nice but the meats were just so-so..........hip me to a new one! for 60-75 people in the Northeast L.A. area (El Sereno).
FYI - I need them to provide the meats, tortillas, salsas, rice, beans and chopped onions/cilantro.

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  1. El Tapatio on the corner of Fallbrook and Victory in Woodland Hills has a cateing operation and, although I've never experienced their catered food, the food at the storefront is very good. Their Pastor is dynamite. Why not give them a call?

    1. We were thrilled with Taquiza la Fiesta, they had the whole shabang including Nopalitos, cebollas asadas... great prices too... ask for Oscar 310-525-9781


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        i know this is an old post but i just reserved Taquiza La Fiesta for an upcoming party based on your review and their availability! Have you used them again by any chance? i'm a little nervous but excited about it party will be for about 60-ish peeps so just just want everything to go right. Thanks for the rec!

        1. re: paddington

          I have not sadly, but actually ran into the them last year though and they seem to be doing the whole party rental thing, so I think you can count on them on being pretty professional. Just make SURE before hand that they WILL prepare Cebollas asadas... then I think your guests will be happy peeps! :)


          1. re: Dommy

            okay, thanks will do!
            i mainly spoke w/Jesus, Oscar's son, re. all the details. Also renting tables/chairs and a jumper! This is for a housewarming party next month. Looking forward to it!

            1. re: paddington

              I'm considering using taquiza la fiesta for a party.
              Can you give me more details about what services you used? Did you do tacos and other rentals or just tacos? Did they offer any packages to you?
              What was your overall experience in terms of food?

      2. Huarache Azteca in HP has a sign up in their restaurant that says they do Taquizas, although have only had food from their restaurant.
        They are at 323-478-9572.

        1. Taco Chop is good. Reasonably priced and good meat quality (626) 465-6958. They are based in Alhambra so very close to El Sereno. Ask for Ron or Felix

          1. We're having a big party at the end of the month and are using a new team instead of the one we have always used in the past. This new team provides five different choices of meat including, asada, pastor, pollo, cueritas, chorizo, alambres, rice, beans, salsa, guacamole, cebolla, cilantro and of course, tortillas. All this for the same price of our other go to team that supplied only three meats. We sampled on one occasion and everyone was happy with the food. If you're interested call:
            Lalo at (323)571-5040 (Spanish only)
            Javier at (323)633-5041 (speaks English)

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            1. re: Neta

              We just used these guys and are very pleased with both food and service. We had four meats, pollo, carne, pastor, and carnitas. All were very good, however, I like the pastor and pollo the best. Funny - a few guests thought one of salsas was very spicy - but overall everyone still thought it had excellent flavor. Highly recommend them.

              1. re: gordo26

                I'm so glad it worked out for you. I bet it was the green salsa. We heard that from a
                few of our guests when we had them.