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Nov 3, 2009 12:47 PM

Plymouth Rock Thanksgiving? and general rec's

I'm gathering info for my boss's trip to boston with her family the week of thanksgiving. She said to reserve a lunch/brunch on thanksgiving day at "plymouth rock". I assumed this was a restaurant name, but a google search was fruitless. Anyone know what this could be or recommend another venue for thanksgiving day?

Additionally, they will be there for 5 days, so I've been scouring the boards for restaurant recommendations and have found some good ones. They are foodies, have two girls (9 and 11) and all love things ethnic and spicy, but a nice spread of things local would be nice. They are staying at the Marriot Custom House on McKinley Square, so things within walking distance would be great.

Plymouth Rock Cafe
170 Water St, Plymouth, MA 02360

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  1. Maybe the boss wants the Authentic Pilgrim experience at Plimouth Plantation (old english spelling) There might still be time to get in. I don;t know much about it, I think you can do a "total immersion version" where you costume up, speak old english, really live like the Pilgrims did when they first arrived. I also think I have heard that they have a banquet style more modern dinner. try <> for more info

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      Thanks! I went to the website and this looks like what she was talking about. They are sold out at the good times though, so I might have to look at the other thanksgiving dining threads.

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        If your Boss is in the Plymouth area Thanksgiving Day the offerings are going to be as meager as the Pilgrims first year in the new world.

        East Bay Grill, not great but not bad is probably the ONLY option. They do a huge business on T Day so good luck on reservations. It's within walking distance of "The Rock" (silly as it may be) and the Mayflower replica. Other options may be the two decent hotels the Radisson’s Harbor Grill and John Carver Inn’s Hearth n' Kettle should be serving traditional dinner but they are not foodie places in any sense of the word.

        Plymouth can be fun for the Kids. Pilgrim Hall Museum is very interesting and Plimoth Plantation is pretty cool. But Plymouth can also be a bit cheesy and nothing like Williamsburg.

        I'd suggest a day visit to the plantation, waterfront, and Pilgrim Hall Museum just before or after Thursday and stay in Boston for food.

        John Carver Inn
        25 Summer St, Plymouth, MA 02360

        East Bay Grill
        Town Wharf, Plymouth, MA 02360

    2. On the other part of your question. There is lots near the Custom House. They are close enough to walk to the North End, lots of threads on where to go there. Most tourists usually end up at Fanueil Hall for atleast one meal, there is an array of sit down places as well as take out where you can grab what suits each person and sit at the tables. ITs near the hotel and has street perfromers for the kids. and shopping as well. they might also want to try top of the hub for atleast a drink, or dessert. The food is MEH but the view at night is spectacular. Since it gets dark around here by 5, a late afternoon snack would be perfect and not too crowded.

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