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Nov 3, 2009 12:42 PM

Harrisburg Area recommendations needed


On Saturday, I will be traveling from the Norristown area up to Penn State. I am looking for two places to eat in the Harrisburg area. First, we would like to find a place where we could have a big lunch, some type of sit-down restuarant, but not too expensive (Entrees $15 or less). We like most types of food with the exception of Chinese and Sushi. Second, we would like to find some type of good deli to get hoagies to have later that night for our trip home.

Note that we will be traveling up the turnpike to 283 North to 83 North to 322. Really, anything that it is not too far off that route would be fine.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Penn State
215 Innovation Blvd, State College, PA 16803

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  1. I figured I would bump this post to see if anyone has some recommendations for me.


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      For lunch I would recommend Morgan's Place.
      For hoagies, you can try the Sandwich Man

      Sandwich Man
      5640 Allentown Blvd Ste Frnt, Harrisburg, PA 17112