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Nov 3, 2009 12:27 PM

Thanksgiving Dinner in Mt. Snow, VT

Hello, We are going to be in Mt. Snow, Vermont over Thanksgiving weekend and are looking for a recommendation for Thanksgiving dinner.

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  1. Try The Vermont House at 15 West Main Street in Wilmington, VT. Web site with menu:

    Nice place, reasonable, very impressed with the food and pleasant service. Not a large place, so reservations suggested. And, of course, make sure they are open. Delicious roast loin of pork and turkey dinner; great dessert, too, which they bake in their own pasty shop on-site.

    1. All depends what you are looking for. In West Dover, where Mount Snow is located, there are many inns/restaurants offering Turkey Day Dinner. You have Two Tanney Road, The 1846 Tavern, TC's Family Restaurant, Inn at The Sawmill Farm just to name a few.
      Also in Wilmington, on Rt 100, is the Roadhouse which is also very good and is one of my favorites.

      Sawmill Farm
      PO Box 367, West Dover, VT 05356