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Nov 3, 2009 12:22 PM

The Office in Delray Beach Snags Mark Militello

By Clean Plate Charlie in Openings/Closings, Restaurant News
Tue., Nov. 3 2009 @ 3:17PM

Chef Mark Militello has left 1 Bleu at the One Resort and Spa (formerly The Regent Bal Harbour) to join The Office, a gastropub in Delray said to be opening in late November

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    1. Jan Norris has some more of the details on Chef Mark Militello and Chef Allen Susser and their involvement with the Delray restaurant scene.

      1. This place is sounding mighty good. I just hope the prices aren't too high. From the outside peeking in, it looks like they are just a few days from opening.

        "dishes like the "secret recipe burger," a Prime meat patty served with Baby Gem lettuces and heirloom tomatoes, as well as grass-fed short ribs, braised pork belly with tomatillo salsa, roasted beef marrow with parsley-caper salad and spicy Asian chicken wings."

        Yeah, pork belly! More details here...

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          The Office is scheduled to open this Friday 1/8 at 5PM.

        2. we finally gave this a try today for lunch. I like the menu, it was huge and there were some interesting looking dishes. Anyway it was lunch so we went for a couple salads - one being a frisee with goat's cheese toast and a poached egg, nice a little too overdressed. Very good burger with blue and emmenthal, but I don't care for shoestring fries, a caesar salad, a couple sodas and a coffee. A whopping $48 for 3. I think $15 for a burger is too much but the food was good, just too pricey to go frequently.

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          1. re: smartie

            Lunch is the way to do the Office - for food.

            You will have a very different impression on Fri or Sat nights. Many of the negative reviews are associated with table time estimates that they can't deliver on. They don't accept reservations, so you just show up and hope for the best - that would be your first clue you are in for along night

            It's not uncommon to wait an hour or more at peak times at night for a table. That's because people don't want to leave. It's a comfortably homey place, noisy and energetic, with incredible people watching - and they serve good drinks. And it's a pretty people place, just one notch below Atlantic Grill's bar scene.

            The burgers and sandwiches are good, and the drinks are stellar. The rest of the menu is pretty pedestrian. The signature branding on the hamburger buns showed me this place was more about flash than cuisine. Prices are out of this world, unthinkable, really, except for all the eye candy.

            Lunch for food, nighttime for drinks and pretty people.


            1. re: 4ZFood

              smartie.......Finally someone agrees with me about over priced food.I was stomped, ridiculed, harrassed, when I made a comment about the high prices in some restaurant here in south Florida. Thank you so much... I have not posted in a few months because of this. I have been to many, many restaurants here in Palm Beach county that seems to price food and drinks at astonishing prices because "they can". I have honestly given up on the restaurants and have "again" started to cook my own meals again. I have taken many class at the Palm Beach Culinary In. and feel I can cook for myself and my BF at a fraction of the cost .
              I am so glad Jan Norris is in the loop here now. I have always respected her posts. Welcome Jan. There are are few reasons ,(and people ) that I find very irrating that have made me not post too much anymore. I am not a food critic, I love food, I love to cook, ...but when I am harrassed by one of the "so called food critics" my face turns red , and I am ready for battle....When I came here I thought it was a wonderful place to express "MY" opinion, without someone that speaks in the first person that knows everything and critisizes....HotMelly thinks I know food..............BYE

              1. re: HotMelly

                Welcome back. I hope you stay around for awhile.

                1. re: Alfred G

                  I was very interested in this restaurant but when I tried to go there 6 or 8 weeks ago (Sunday afternoon, around 1:00) the host AND the hostess we so unpleasant that my friends and I (3 people total) chose to leave. There were empty tables, we weren't in a big rush, but they were surly, disinterested and so rude I will not ever try to eat there again. Very disappointing. Managers and onwers should really monitor the attitudes of the employees that are charged with making the first impression.

                2. re: HotMelly

                  HotMelly . . . you have the right idea. The only problem I have with cooking at home is that eventually you will be disappointed! Not in your own food but in a restaurant. I spent about 10 years working in restaurants and I LOVE food. I love to cook and I know good food so when I go to a restaurant I expect that it is going to be at least as good as I can do and many times that leads to a disappointing meal. Some of the people on these boards have more money than tastebuds and TOO much opinion. I've been in Florida for 30+ years and I've seen so many restaurants come and go. The Office will be around for a while because it's a cool place to "hang out" and drink (there's your profit), not because people love paying $15.00 for a hamburger! Linda Bean's on the other hand probably won't make it past the summer due to an inferior product of all claw meat that is previously frozen. If she would ship her lobsters in fresh, steam them on premise and include tail on the roll, she'd have a better product and a higher rate of customer satisfaction. People that open restaurants forget one thing . . . one bad experience can sink you. If you consistently put out quality food, have good service, fair prices and some ambiance, you'll be around for a while. The joy of eating comes from indulging as many senses as possible at the same time. Smell, taste, sight, texture and your surroundings all come into play when creating the experience that a meal can be. Don't let the haters keep you from posting . . . your opinion is just as important!
                  cibo รจ amore!

            2. Thank you mnjdelray.
              That meant a lot to me. Glad you understand my feelings