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Fresh rabbit- East Bay, South Bay or Central Valley

Would like to grill some fresh rabbit for Thanksgiving dinner. Any suggestions on where to get some? Most of the places that sell them have it frozen or previously frozen.

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    1. I think Enzo's in Market Hall has them fresh. Have you checked Polarica in the City? They get them every Monday.

      105 Quint St, San Francisco, CA

      8 Trinity Pl, San Francisco, CA 94104

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        Last time I went, the butcher at Market Hall only had frozen. Maybe Cafe Rouge might have it fresh? Sounds ilke you should call first before going anywhere.

        Cafe Rouge
        1782 Fourth St, Berkeley, CA 94710

        1. re: singleguychef

          I sent a friend to Cafe Rouge a few years ago when she asked me where to get rabbit and they had it, but I don't know if it was fresh or frozen. They could probably get it for you fresh if you called to order, though.

          Cafe Rouge
          1782 Fourth St, Berkeley, CA 94710

      2. I wonder if you could special order it at Verbrugge on College Ave. I've bought fresh rabbit from them in the past. but it's been a while.

        1. If you want a really fresh rabbit (slaughtered to order), call Jones Rabbit Farm in Santa Rosa. Here's my post about it from two years ago.

          Jones Rabbit Farm
          140 Millbrae Ave, Santa Rosa, CA 95407

          1. I saw it at the Berkley Bowl this weekend but I don't know if it was previously frozen. My local butcher shop on Fruitvale Ave in Oakland Weyland's sometimes has it fresh but I haven't seen the sign lately. Definitely call ahead

            1. saw some fresh rabbit today at Verbrugge's on College Ave.
              They're a great market for meat/poultry.

              1. Was just at Baron's Meat and Poultry in Alameda this weekend and they have Rabbit. Not sure if it is fresh or frozen though.

                Baron's Meat & Poultry
                1650 Park St, Alameda, CA 94501

                1. Here's a link for Wind Dancer Ranch
                  8694 State Highway 16
                  Brooks, CA 95606

                  1. Btw, Ver Brugge Meat and Seafood in Oakland had fresh rabbit yesterday when I was there. If you are still looking you might want to give them a call.

                    1. Best to call Verbrugge's 2 days ahead to place an order.