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Looking for pomegranates

It is the pomegranate season but I can't find any. Does anyone know of grocery stores, or farmer's markets or even online stores where I can find the fresh promegranate fruit?
I live in Fremont but will travel to nearby cities for pomegranates.

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  1. I've seen them at the Berkeley farmers market. Ram Das and Full Belly have both had them recently. You could check out the market today (Derby between Milvia and MLK), and in the unlikely event they don't have any, Berkeley Bowl's just a couple of blocks away.

    Persian markets in Fremont probably have them, too. Maybe Afghan markets as well.

    Berkeley Bowl
    2020 Oregon St, Berkeley, CA 94703

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    1. re: Robert Lauriston

      I believe Safeway has them on sale 2 large for $5 until tomorrow when they become buy one get one free for $3.

    2. Bianchini's in San Carlos has been carrying them. Also, try Sigonas in RWC.

      1. Not sure if this is too far for you, but I just saw piles of them at the produce stores along Mission Street near Ocean Blvd in SF. Price was around $2 a pound, I think. Whatever it was, they cost much less than Whole Foods in Oakland, which had a bunch last night as well.

        1. Everyone seems to have them in the Berkeley area. Berkeley Bowl has lots.

          Berkeley Bowl
          2020 Oregon St, Berkeley, CA 94703

          1. Almost every stand that had fruit had them at the Alemany Farmers' Market this past Saturday . . . .

            Alemany Farmers' Market
            100 Alemany Blvd, San Francisco, CA 94110

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              I even saw them at Grocery Outlet in Oakland. I think they were 99 cents each.

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                Yes, Grocery Outlet should have them. Berkeley and San Pablo did.

                Also, give Perry Farms in Fremont a call and see if they have them. If they do, they will have many different varieties.

                I don't know if it is still there, but right near one of the highway exits in Fremont there is a fruit stand. I know I reported on it a few years back but nothing is turning up in search.

                Perry Farms
                34600 Ardenwood Blvd, Fremont, CA

            2. Sun AM...Farmers Market near Newpark Mall..See you there!

              1. There are a large selection of amazing pomegranates at Monterey Market in Berkeley.

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                  Actually, yesterday there were the ones for $1.79. The delicious $.89/lb and the $1.49/lb were no longer seen. Is this a today sighting lorien? The $.89 turned out to be 3 pomegranates for $2.52 with fat, juicy, dark red seeds.

                2. There's a selection of varieties to choose from at the Berkeley Bowl.

                  Berkeley Bowl
                  2020 Oregon St, Berkeley, CA 94703

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                    Sorry I didn't check the organic section this morning but the non had 3 sizes of wonderfuls, medium, large and larger.

                  2. I really don't know if this is true for other growers or not, but fwiw, one of the Central Valley growers of pomegranites told me a few weeks ago that he was concerned that the early, heavy rains we had a bit ago would wipe out most if not all of his crop.

                    1. I saw one vender with several crates of them last Sunday at the Civic Center farmers market, but did not notice any today. Then again, I didn't have time to walk the entire market. What I saw Sunday looked ripe and delicious, a combination of intact fruit and some that were bursting open.

                      1. Yes, Safeway has them now ... 2 for $3 basically (try the one in Warm Springs, if you're in Fremont). Costco also sold bowls of the arils (Seeds).. 480grams or so for $6, separated into 2 containers. Trader Joe's also sells the seeds in bowls.