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Nov 3, 2009 10:13 AM

Chef's Table at L'Espalier

Well, all the discussion of L'Espalier is timely for us. We have an upcoming reservation for the chef's table. I'm curious to hear of your experiences at the chef's table specifically, anything about what we should expect, and whether you have any recommendations as to what sorts requests we should make (already registered our strong food aversions, lack of allergies, other macro-level stuff w/the reservationist).

And ha! I was going to ask about what to wear since we'll be in the kitchen - we are dressed-up sorts when we go somewhere like L'Espalier, but we're trying to guage specifics - does anyone know if it'll be particularly hot back there in the kitchen?



774 Boylston St, Boston, MA 02199

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  1. The chef table is not "in the kitchen" . It is a small glassed in room with a view to the kitchen.
    We hosted a dinner there last night and had a wonderful meal. Portions can be large and everyone left quie full. They will work with you in developing a specific menu for you.
    When we have had just a few guests in the room, it was a little chilly.

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      Huh. This blog caused us to believe we would be in the kitchen (she talks about being near an oven). http://misstiffie.wordpress.com/2009/... And other places we've heard about interacting with the people in the kitchen - can you explain more about being set off in a room?

      Re developing the menu - is that something you did ahead of time, or once you were seated?


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        Hm...when I was there they showed us the chef's table and it's definitely in the kitchen. There is a glass panel around 2 or 3 sides of it (which offers some separation). It's also only able to seat 4 people at most. Are you sure you're not thinking of a private room?

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          This is what I was thinking, too, Suze123 - if you look at the picture on the L'Espalier site itself, it's definitely in the kitchen: http://www.lespalier.com/menu/Chefs%2...

          How 'bout tips - anyone? I'm sure we're going to have a fabulous time, but I'm looking to *maximize* my enjoyment!


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            The Chef's Table is absolutely in the kitchen and, in fact, is less than 3 feet to the fish station and *maybe* 6 feet to the meat. There is a huge! pain of glass that separates you from the kitchen. However, the glass only covers the table and is otherwise open. Naturally, it will be hot!

            My tips to maximize the the enjoyment is to not take the chefs journey. It is simply too much food and too many dishes and ends up overwhelming the experience. However, chefs journey will last through the whole service and you will see and learn a lot.

            DO get the wine paring. Dont balk at the price. If you like wine at all, if you find wine and food parings the least bit interesting, get the one wine, one dish paring. Also, they pour just shy of actual glasses for most wines.

            Last, remember it will be a marathon not a sprint.