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Nov 3, 2009 08:58 AM

Desert area-Palm Springs, Cathedral, Rancho Mirage, Palm Desert, Indian Wells, La Quinta- restaurant experiences / suggestions:

Trying to create a master list of the entire desert area ( so many times we speak of Palm Springs but we actrually describe a restaurant 12 miles outside of PS):
Any experiences at the " The Steakhouse" at the Aqua Caliente Casino at the Freeway 10 and Bob Hope / Ramon ? I am told that visually it is very impressive. Is it reasonably priced for a high quality steak and food compared to LG's, Morton's and others?

8791 N Lake Blvd, Kings Beach, CA 96143

La Quinta Restaurant
1000 C St Ste 40, Galt, CA 95632

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  1. Hi we came back from a weekend two weeks ago.. We have a few favorites.. None are over to top but here they are.. la Quinta the resort.. breathtaking at sunset to sit on the patio and have cocktails.. We had dinner in the Mexican restaurant which was above average,we werent that hungry so we didnt order anything big.. maybe a steak or so would have been excellent.. The main restaurant is reopening soon.But the view is sooo worth it and just sitting out the for the cocktail.. We like Cuistot and Jillians in Palm Desert. Jillians the patio a must..

    72595 El Paseo Ave, Palm Desert, CA 92260

    1. Restaurants we would recommend highly ... In no particular order: Fishermans Market & Grill - Thai Smile - Matchbox - Davey's Hideaway - Sherman's Deli - Europa Restaurant - Shanghai Reds Oyster Bar - LG's Steakhouse - Las Casuelas .... and for the early morning walk, head to Swiss Donut for their outstanding maple glazed donuts & lattes at about half the price of the national chains.....

      1. The Cliff House in La Quinta has wonderful food. I love their lamb chops. They also have great happy hour specials in the bar and an over the top prefixe in the dining room.

        You will not be sorry and you will love the prices.

        1. Have not been to the steakhouse at the casino. As far as steak places although chains Morton's and Sulivan's are the best. LG's and Cliff both are overrated and overpriced for what they are.

          Our top restaurtants we like are

          1) Jillians (best atmosphere and food/service, really hard to beat)-Palm Desert
          2) Quistot-Palm Desert
          3) Shame on the Moon-In Rancho Mirage good quality for the price and well known among the locals for good value
          4) Copely's -In Palm Springs proper, creative menu and a fun dining experience
          5) Bing Crosby's-can be inconsistant at times but a fun place-Rancho Mirage
          6) Corktree-In Palm Desert, creative menu

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            The Cliff has great values, iwth their prefixe menu. The rack of Lamb on the regular menu is 30+, on the pre fixe the same portion is 30. They have even expanded the bar menu for happy hour. I think this place has increadible values.

          2. We had a great meal at Zin in downtown PS this past Saturday. My entree of stuffed quail with a chanterelle mushroom sauce was amazing!