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Nov 3, 2009 08:40 AM

Kam Hong Garden -- Shanxi Hand Cut Noodle --OMG!!!!!!!!

It has been way too long since the Beijing Olympics, which was the last time I had me some really, really great Shanxi-style hand cut noodles. These rocked it for sure.

A simple stir fry of those noodles, pork and scallions was as close to heaven as I can imagine.

Kam Hong Garden
848 E Garvey Ave, Monterey Park, CA

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  1. I thought the actual Shanxi noodle was good, definitely better than JTYH's attempt, but the stir fry was leaning to the bland and a little too homey for me--sloppy pork butchering notwithstanding. Has anybody had better luck with a different topping/flavor than the pork? Incidentally, they listen to KUSC, which is a welcome change from the usual cloying pap SGV places play.

    1. We went today for lunch.
      Their Shanxi-style hand cut noodles are definitely great! We had the one with pork, beef, and chicken (or so I seem to remember). The noodles are chewy with just the right texture, and it had a nice wok flavor.
      We also ordered their beef pancake - and recently we have been to a number of restaurants that serve this and always ordered it for comparison (Hong Yei, Mama's Kitchen, and one other place that I can't recall right now). Their beef pancake was a little less tasty than the other two places named - lot of greens and no real sauce. But it was still tasty enough to have vanished into our stomachs!
      We ordered their pork dumplings and these were really good. I can go back just to have their dumplings. The pork was very flavorful, and while it was not a XLB (soup filled dumpling) there was quite a bit of juice that oozed when you take your first bite. The Chinese vinegar dipping sauce they gave only enhanced the taste rather than mask it.
      We also ordered the pork with hot chilles and cilantro - this was also good, if a bit too salty because of the soya sauce. I like my food a bit salty, so it was OK for me. If one had it with steamed rice (we did not), then it would have been just the right degree of saltiness. I always like dishes with generous helpings of cilantro.
      When leaving we noticed a group at the next level savoring nicely done baos - deep brown crust on the bottom, the dough seemed nicely done, and since one had a bao split open, the look inside revealed a meat filling that looked very umamish! Delish!

      We have to go back to try some of their other items. It is a small place, and quite crowded at lunch today. In that same mall, a brand new place has opened - it had a "Grand Opening" sign on it. Any of the scouts (chandavkl, Ciao Bob) know what this one is called and serving what type of food?

      Hong Yei Restaurant
      288 S San Gabriel Blvd, San Gabriel, CA 91776

      Kam Hong Garden
      848 E Garvey Ave, Monterey Park, CA

      Mama's Kitchen
      1718 New Ave, San Gabriel, CA 91776

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      1. re: suvro

        I am so glad you enjoyed KHG.

        I also loved their pork dumplings, suvro. Quite frankly, I didn't write 'em up to avoid the never ending dumpIing fights/discussions that go on here at LA Chowhound. I bit into one and it squirted across the table! Very yummy. I saw a reasonable looking Dan Dan Mein but I didn't try anything but the pork dumplings and the hand cut noodles.

        As far as the Grand Opening place I peeked has Pho and it smelled good

        Pho Cafe
        2841 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90026

        1. re: Ciao Bob

          CB, Are you referring to the Noodle City that is on the same east side of this mini mall? We popped in to get their menu and it is a Vietnamese pho place.

          I was talking about another small place on the west corner of this mini-mall that had a big sign out front saying grand opening. That was the only lettering in English, all else was in another language (that is what I recall). We should have walked over and checked it out as well.

          Close by (one mall to the east) is WOK BBQ, which unfortunately disappointed the last time we visited. It serves a much drier style of Mongolian hotpot. The first time we went there it was great, but the next time there was a very funky fishy smell in the whole restaurant (which both times were empty except for us), and we had to trust our gut and walk out of the place. Anyone else tried them recently?

          Noodle City
          848 E Garvey Ave Ste C, Monterey Park, CA 91755

        2. re: suvro

          I unashamedly request "extra sauce on the side" whenever I order beef rolls.

        3. Went today for our second visit.
          Chicken Rice Cake - instead of the hand cut noodles. The flavoring was good though somewhat mild. I liked the texture of the rice cakes coated with the sauce.

          Fish fillet with hot bean sauce - we usually check this out because it is one of our favorite dishes. But of late we have come to realize that black bean sauce or hot bean sauce means vastly different things in different Chinese restaurants. In India "garam masala" can mean very different combination of spices depending on which state, or sometimes even which house, you are from. Perhaps black bean sauce/hot bean sauce has several variants as well in China? The ones we like best are those at Newport Seafood and Mei Mei, but the one here was more like mapo tofu - with some tofu in it, and it was not hot at all.

          The main reason for going back was for their dumplings.
          House Decocted Buns - with pork, bamboo, and mushrooms - I am looking at their takeout menu - and did not understand what "decocted" meant. I just searched for the word, and it is indeed a proper word meaning "To extract the flavor of by boiling" or "To make concentrated; boil down". I wonder if this is a mis-translation of what the original Chinese word is or is the real meaning of the original! I at least learnt a new English word today! These come steamed or pan fried, and we chose the latter - the bottom is nicely browned. The flavoring of the filling inside was good, but I seem to have remembered something more red and perhaps barbequed on my last visit (this was at a neighboring table). Perhaps my memory is incorrect. These come 8 to an order for $6.25.

          House pan fried dumplings - seafood - these were just as good as the pork fried dumplings we had last time. Juicy in the interior, crust of just the right thickness, and nice char on the bottom. The dipping vinegar, like last time, enhanced the flavor rather than mask it.