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Nov 3, 2009 08:32 AM

Best prime meat in Boston??

I'm on a quest for prime rib and steaks in Boston! I don't know why, mostly because it's starting to feel like fall finally and I guess I'm just feeling carnivorous. Please help!!!

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  1. Prime rib often isn't prime grade, but refers to a cut, a one-bone slice of a 7-rib standing rib roast (typically a two-pound portion). You can get a very traditional and I think tasty version of this at Durgin-Park in Faneuil Hall, though it is almost certainly choice grade. The 32-ounce cut is impressive, and $40. Hating doggie bags, I generally get the 16-oz cut for $29.

    My favorite prime-grade steaks are from boutique producer Brandt Farms as served at Grill 23, and they dry-age some of them, which I also like.

    Grill 23 & Bar
    161 Berkeley Street, Boston, MA 02116

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    1. re: MC Slim JB

      Sounds good! Definitely worth a try. Thank you also for the heads up on the Farm.

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        You can get them retail at Concord Prime & Fish (great fish, too).

      2. Also looking for a good spot to get my mits on some quality prime meat for the holidays. I always do a standing rib roast but this year can't just go down my same old butcher (only because I'm new to Boston, can't you hear my L.A. accent?)

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          I got a standing rib roast for Christmas dinner once at The Butcher Shop: punishing price, but it did the job nicely, and it was very convenient for me. The time I saved picking that up allowed me to recover from puttting too many red cabbage cores down the drain and plugging up my food disposer (purple everywhere, ick).

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            In Boston, Savenor's on Charles Street has beautiful (and very expensive) prime rib.

            In Newton and Wellesley, the premier prime butcher is John Dewar's - also extremely expensive.

            For bargain rib roast (not necessarily "prime", Costco's is a good bet

            1. re: Northender

              I found last year that Savenors had prime standing rib roast for a lower price that WFM up the street was selling choice SRR. That might have just been for xmas though.

            2. re: Keith15

              If you search the board for Dewar, Savenors, and Concord Prime and Fish (there also is a new Waltham based butcher following in Concord Prime's foot steps) you will get some options.

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                Ohhhhh, can you please share the name of the butcher in Waltham?

                1. re: PinchOfSalt

                  I have only seen the sign, but there is a limited bit more info in the Openings thread.


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                    Thanks! I will have to keep an eye on that location the next time I make a Moody Street Indian shopping run.

            3. WRT steakhouses and which serve prime beef (from where), here is a post which might have a couple of closings (Boston Public) but otherwise should be fairly up to date from a poster who knows the industry.


              BTW, with the mention of Brandt -- its not exactly where I would choose to go for a steak nor is it prime, but Cantina La Mexicana in Somerville serves Brandt beef too which is commendable.

              For the Prime Rib (the cut not necessarily prime beef) you also have options of Hotel Sunday Brunches (Henrietta's comes to mind as an expensive but good example which I think uses local beef) and old-school Steakhouses: Jimmy's and the Stockyard are better to me than Frank's, but you may get some recommendations for that as it has its fans.

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                That's a great post. Informational on the beef front and on an old Cheers episode referencing the Hungry Heafer.

                1. re: Keith15

                  Yes, almansa is a great resource; I carry that post around with me.