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Nov 3, 2009 08:17 AM

One Day and night in KC

We will be spending an evening and thru lunch the next day in KC. Where should we eat to enjoy the best taste of KC BBQ,Chicken,etc. Is Arthur B's a must or how abot LC BBQ.
Many thanks

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  1. I recommend that you head to Oklahoma Joe's for an excellent overall bbq experience.

    LC's has fantastic brunt ends. Best in the city IMHO. The service is always very nice.

    I am not a fan of Arthur Bryant's or Gates. No doubt that they are landmarks, just not my favs.

    All 4 of the above mentioned places are VERY casual. Heck, OK Joe's is in a gas station.
    For a bit more of an upscale BBQ experience, try Jack Stack's. They have great baby back pork ribs.

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      LC's burnt ends are something you won't ever experience outside KC. Nothing else can compare.

    2. I would 2nd this other persons reply. You simply can't beat OK Joe's for almost anything they do. It's truly remarkable bbq. DON'T MISS IT. The others are fine, just not up to this quality.

      1. Just spent a very scant three days in KC - OK Joe's & AB tied in our estimation - the plus for AB - not so crowded on opening - I would recommend this and the Negro League BB Muesum as a quick overview for KC. The next stop, the WW1 muesum & OK Joes.

        1. Thanks so much,so far, for great tips. It will be interesting if I get any more.

          1. go to stroud's for dinner, BBQ for lunch.