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Best kosher in South Florida?

Could I please get people's opinions as to what is the best kosher place in South Florida (Palm Beach, Broward, Dade.) Both fleishig and milchig, please.
Also, NO CHINESE (other Asian is fine.)
In addition to what you think is best, I'm also looking for suggestions for places that are very unique and either serve a cuisine or have an ambience/style that would not be found elsewhere.

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  1. Thai Treat, or whatever its name is now in North Miami Beach is pretty good, and I think you are hard pressed to find another kosher Thai restaurant in USA other than the few in South Florida.

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      Thanks for the info about the Thai restaurant! We'll be in Florida over Thanksgiving- hopefully we'll go there for dinner.

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        I likw grill time, European corner cafe for dairy - good and interesting food. Kosher marketplace has a wide variety of takeout.

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          Last time we were at Grill Time, I was far from impressed.

          Where is European Corner Cafe? Is it more of a lunch place or dinner placE?

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            European Corner Cafe is located at Camino Real and Powerline Rd in Boca. Asia (fleishig) is next to it.
            I know that Asia is pretty packed for both lunch and dinner. reservations are recommended. I assume that ECC is busy too. I did not go there since the summer but I would describe it as more of a lunch place. Asia is very fancy and the food is good.
            Falafel Armon is under new management and i heard that Eilat Cafe closed.
            I got an e-mail that Grill Time was running some specials (like kids eat free) but i suggest you call before to find out.
            in Aventura they opened a Subway at the JCC, and I like Shalom Haifa on Miami Gardens Drive.

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              Thanks for the info- but I don't think we'll be in Boca. If we do end up going there.. it's a good place to know about.

              Grill Time has good food but the last time we went, I was disappointed. The waitress didn't listen to a word we said, the food was overcooked, and place was beyond packed. People waiting for tables were walking around talking to their friends who were eating.

    2. I don't know about "best" and the ambience sucks, but for me, Pita Loca makes me feel like I'm in Israel. Never a bad experience.

      1. Sara's Pizza in Miami is my favorite pizza anywhere.

        1. We ended up going to Thai Treat twice- on Thanksgiving and on Monday night. We got an Indian bread stuffed with onions, samosas, a spicy beef soup, and two entrees. We had the Ginger Stir Fry with tofu and the Basil Cashew Stir Fry with beef. Very large portions, and when we asked for spicy, they really added lots of chili garlic sauce. I personally liked the Indian appetizers... but I never had Indian food before so I might not be the best person to judge.

          The second time we went, the food was not as spicy, even though we asked for everything to have extra spice. Our picky eater cousin had the Honey Garlic Fried Chicken- it looked really great and was very crispy. I had the Pad Thai- didn't love it- the sauce was too sweet and it was mostly noodles with a mushroom here and there. My husband had one of the stir fry dishes but I don't remember which.

          I liked that each of the stir fry items was offered with a choice of chicken, beef, or tofu.

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            So overall did you like it? I have not been there in a long time, when I did go, I was impressed. How were the prices? If I recall the setting was ok, not too fancy. I am confused by the Indian reference, do they have Indian food in addition to the Thai food?

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              We liked it.. but the first time we went was better than the second time. We'll be back for dinner next time we're in Miami.

              The menu is separated into three sections- Thai food, Indian food, and sushi.

          2. There is a new Kosher Restaurant that just opened up in Royal Palm Plaza in Downtown Boca Raton called Cuisine by Silvia. It's a little hard to find, but it's worth the effort. Besides being Kosher, they specialize in Middle Eastern & American Cuisine with some special Moroccan, Afghan & Persian dishes 561-361-3939. Look for them on facebook: Cuisine by Silvia

            1. OK... I am bracing for the onslaught of comments about it, but I will leave it to the individual. For the closest to the Israeli experience, Etzel Itzik. Yes, they do not have a certification. Their meat is Kosher and the place doesn't have anything dairy. They do open on Shabbat. The service is impecable and the ambiance is very Israeli like. The best Sabich west of Tel Aviv. If you don't mind "Kosher Light", try this place

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                mrotmd, are you sure that Cuisine by Silvia does not shut for Shabbos? All the pages on the internet about the restaurant mention that they are closed on Shabbat and there is a mention on the website of Chabad of East Boca Raton that they have a lunch n' learn session there on 14th July (tomorrow).

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                  the comment from mrotmd refers to Etzel Itzik, an israeli restaurant in the North Miami/Aventura area (18757 West Dixie Hwy). the place does not have any hashgacha.

                  cuisine by silvia is in Boca Raton, is under the ORB and they are closed on Shabbos.

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                  THEY ARE OPEN ON SHABBAT AND THAT MAKES IT " non Kosher

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                    No need to scream, arielayc, I cleary disclaimed that the place was open on Shabbat. We are here to suggest places to cater all choices... Somehow I know many jews that enjoy the opportunity to have a kosher meat and no dairy place and I just suggested it is a very good food

                3. Milchig best one is Motzart, in Hollywood , Florida on stirling road just before 441. on the North Side, looks like a single fam home however has a large back yard for events as well , very home feels type of place, a bit noisy but great food , open 24 hours Italian style Dairy , always pact so food is always fresh, they bake and make everything home made its worth a try,
                  they are opening 2 more branches on in Boca and one in the Waterways Aventura but i am not sure it they are open yet, but Hollywood is open 24 hours
                  ariela yona chapnik

                  1. a good med. new restaurant is Yami Yami in Davie 5021 S State Road 7

                    1. I just wanted to bump up this post in preparation for midwinter vacation. Anything new and notable?

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                        In Boca, European Corner Cafe moved to SW18 and Powerline to the same area where Eilat used to be (if you are familiar with the area).looks kind of fancy but I was not so impressed with the food.

                        In Deerfield Beach on Hillsboro Blvd, Mozart opened up (same ownership as in Hollywood).
                        both of these restaurants are dairy.

                        Also in Boca there is Cuisine by Sylvia close to Mizner Park, and in Boynton Beach, Golda, a fleishig restaurant opened up recently. I did not have a chance to eat at any of these two restaurants yet.

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                          Thanks-- we did not like European corner last year either, but have such nostalgia for the former Eilat Cafe, maybe we will try it out. Has the ownership changed, do you know?

                          Has anyone else tried Sylvia or Golda ?????