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Nov 3, 2009 07:58 AM

Good sushi for a group?

I am meeting a group of friends for dinner on Thursday and am looking for suggestions for where to go for sushi for a party of 8. The goal is good, reasonably priced sushi, where we will not be rushed. We are not looking for omakase, so Zo, Mori etc are not right for this group.

Location - anywhere from santa monica to west hollywood on the west side.
Price - up to $50/pp including tax, tip. Group does not drink much, perhaps a glass of sake each.

I was thinking about Nagao but not sure if they could do a party of 8.

Any other ideas?

13050 San Vicente Blvd Ste 110, Los Angeles, CA 90049

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  1. I think Shin Taro is a great low key spot with decent prices its on Highland and Franklin. If you want to be really quirky and a little bit cheaper, Amagi is a hilarious time because it has a karaoke bar within the premises! :P