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Nov 3, 2009 05:55 AM

Which Petit Robert?

Eating out this Sat night for a b-day and I've narrowed it down to either Petit Robert, south end or Kenmore.

I've been to the Kenmore location a few times and am perfectly happy with it, but If anyone has input on the S. End location vs the Kenmore, I'd love to hear.


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  1. The one dining room at the SE is really busy and noisy. We have eaten in it once and once at a table in the bar, because of a reservation snafu. I vote for Kenmore. We always have more of a wow experience there.

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    1. re: ginnyhw

      You mention the noise at the SE location but Kenmore is pretty loud too. I think the Kenmore room's a little cuter (upstairs). Kenmore's easier to park if that matters.

    2. Food is essentially identical. Both have full bars and the same wine list, though the South End has an actual bar side, which can be pleasant for an aperitif (and keeping an eye on the game). Kenmore has an upstairs / downstairs configuration, with the downstairs feeling more like a patisserie than a bar. Very similar decor: red pleather banquettes, brass rails, framed commercial pastis and Champagne posters: you could call it cliched or classic; I like it.

      Both are rather loud when full, and feature what I'd call very French service: more brusque and efficient than ingratiating, which also seems perfect to me. Kenmore feels a bit cozier (some might say cramped). Joanie makes an excellent point about parking, though both have valet parking and are pretty convenient to the MBTA. The South End one used to annoy me (and not get my business) when it didn't take reservations, but it does now, as does Kenmore. The South End has a roomier patio in warmer weather. I'd choose on convenience of location.

      1. I've dined twice at the Kenmore site. The first time, we sat at the bar, which was very nice, and with our backs to the crowd, surprisingly quiet and intimate feeling. Plus, it was great fun watching the desserts being assembled. And when it came time for ours, we rec'd a generous ladle of chocolate sauce on our profiterole! The 2nd time we sat upstairs at a table. I thought it was a little crowded, but didn't find it too noisy. I thought the service was wonderful both times.

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