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Nov 3, 2009 05:35 AM

What are you having/did you have for lunch today?

First let me say that I find these types of threads annoying. Unless I start them!

I was thinking. A lot of our threads and posts are aspirational; we want every morsel of food that we ingest to be chow-worthy. But we know that in reality that is not the case. Most of us have cravings -- a big mac, a 7-11 pre-wrapped sandwich, a snack from the gas station vending machine -- that we would be embarrassed to post on this board. Sometimes time and circumstance dictate that we have to eat that conference room lunch or the sandwich from Au Bon Pain. In my case, I successfully avoided the Subway chain for my entire life until my secretary turned me on to their Veggie Delight sandwich, a reasonably satisfying all-veggie sandwich that is cheap (under $3) and lo-cal, and I'll slip that into my repertoire occassionally (without posting it here!).

So I thought it would be interesting to take an unscientific poll, where we each post what we are having for lunch today. Not what we'd like to have if we had no restrictions on time/money/transportation, etc. And please be honest. Some of us are fortunate in that we'll be able to eat something chow worthy today; others of us will just have to deal with the shame and the embarrassment.

I'll go first: I have a 12:15 train from South Station, so my plan is to leave my office a little early so I can stop by Chacarero on the way to the station. So I'll be having a small, either chicken or beef (I've been eating chicken for years and years, but recently switched to the beef), extra spicy. (This is a vast improvement over yesterday's lunch of a "protein plate" from Starbucks: a few grapes, two slices of apple, two small pieces of cheddar cheese, and a mini wheat bagel with peanut butter, a dollar's worth of food ridiculously priced at $4.95.)

101 Arch St, Boston, MA 02110

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  1. A can of octopus in vegetable oil (not EVOO, unfortunately) from my haul at Hi Lo last week, and some leftover Iggy's baguette..

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      "Iberia" may be my favorite brand of Spanish-packed octopus from the cheap corner; have to see how it compares to Goya...

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        1. Putting on my cleanest sweats and baseball hat and heading to L'Espalier..:)

          Really a Thai salad that I made this AM and a fried taro ball with a roast pork stuffing (don't know the exact name) from Hing Shing Pastry.

          1. I'm visiting a DTX taco cart where I believe I'm entitled to spread out for an hour or so and charge up my laptop. Paying customer, right? Right?! They better take Visa, too.


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              Taco cart closed early, had to settle for falafel sandwich at Falafel King, which ain't really settling. Got a Sacagawea dollar in my change: haven't seen one of those in forever.