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Where are you getting your Turkey's from?

I recently moved out to Paoli (Ok, 2 Turkey days ago) and am wondering what options people have found to be the best for ordering a nice free-range organic bird. The *free* Turkey from the Ah-ca-me just won't do it for me. Do most order online or are there good local sources I don't know about (I assume there are). Is D'Artagnan my best bet? I would think there has to be something comparable that is local...

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  1. I usually get mine (fresh-killed) at the Ardmore Farmer's market. Check out the Farmer's Market on Lancaster Ave. in Wayne. I have not been there in awhile, but I a, pretty certain they have a poultry vendor still.


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      Second that. The poulterer in Wayne always provides us with excellent turkeys. The place is a zoo on the day before Thanksgiving, for good reason.

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        I had some bad experiences there already unfortunately. In a perfect world, I would find a free-range, organic, heritage, etc. that I could get from a local farm in Chesco/LanCo. There has to be a way to find this right? It seems crazy to order one online while living so close to so many farms.

    2. Philadelphia Winter Harvest also has organic turkeys on offer to members.

      1. Bolton's in Silverdale, but it's probably too far for you.

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          I second Bolton's. Hendricks Farms is also taking orders for turkeys. Both are convenient for Upper Bucks and MontCo residents.

        2. armstand has turkeys available to order from several local farms - free range and heritage breeds. The Headhouse farmers Market folks also are taking turkey orders

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            Some how the "Fair Food F" that belonged before my post above didn't make it! They are in the RTM

          2. Wegmans. The closest one to you is in Downingtown.

            1. I'm getting mine from Spring Water Farm in Paradise. They're delivering to Malvern but I'll probably just go to the farm to get mine so I don't have to pay the (small) delivery fee.

              1. Two of the farmers who are making their turkey's available through the Fair Food Farmstand are in Gap, PA which is probably about a 35 min drive from Paoli. Those farms are Green Meadow Farm and Spring Water Farm - you ought to be able to connect with them directly.

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                  Whole Foods has organic, free-range turkeys and they are always very good quality. Not sure where the closest one is to you but there has to be one somewhere!

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                    I think for now whole Foods and Wegmans are my fallback; I have one of each close by. I'll look into some of the local options listed above (Green Meadow and Spring Water) to see if I can find local - which is by far my preference.

                    thanks for the tips so far

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                      When I ordered my Turkey at Whole Foods they told me that all of thier Turkeys are local from about 90 miles away. http://www.kochsturkey.com/ They also had an organic and non organic heritage bird from the same farm.

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                        Do you need to order in person or can you call?

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                          I ordered in person but they had a phone there and were getting calls for what they called the "holiday table".

                  2. One more option is Griggstown Farm - they are in Princeton but may come to farmer's market ofr have a distributor near to you - the catually supply D'artagnan with some product

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                      I've heard of Griggstown Farm, never had their turkey, how is it compared to premium store bought? What about Lee's Farm? Any idea of a fair price for a fresh turkey?

                    2. Has anybody got one from Trader Joe's? I saw a sign there the other day that they will have them...

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                        Loag's Corner Turkey Farm on RT 81, not far from Paoli, have had 5 turkeys from there and they were the best birds I have ever had......need to call now and reserve your day to pick up and size, and they do come big!!!!! If your oven can handle....

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                          on rt 82 sorry, between coatsville and elverson.

                      2. Mountain View Poultry. You order from them at 484-320-0045 (www.mtvieworganics.com
                        )and they bring to the Phoenixville Farmers Market on Saturdays. A decent Farmers Market for the burbs and lots of other good stuff there as well.

                        1. Hi All -
                          We are getting our turkey from "Long Valley Farm" - - they are fabulous, their poultry is organic, and truly pastured. They get to run around, hunting and pecking, doing all the things that healthy chickens and turkeys do. I purchased their products during this summer's farmers market, and we are very excited to make our turkey! - very nice owners, I highly recommend them! longvalleyfarm@epix.net, 484-614-8056

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                            Always from Flourtown's farmers market ( Dave's Poultry)- 36 hour fresh Kill from Lancaster farms

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                              I ordered a Turkey from there, too. Do you know if they are heritage or not?

                          2. The local Giant. Hungry Man Turkey Dinner, quick & easy micro.

                            1. Fernbrook Fams CSA is Chesterfield or Bordentown, NJ. I forget what town it is actually considered: http://www.fernbrookfarmcsa.com/ I think they may actually get them from Griggstown however. -mJ

                              1. Wynnorr Farms has fresh turkeys and they're not too far from you.


                                1. We'll probably be getting ours from Hendricks Farm in Telford. I've seen their birds running around when I go to get my milk and cheese, so they're sure to be fresh!

                                  1. FYI - Fair Food Farms just sent an email out extending their ordering dedline, so if you didn't order but still want to you can!