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Nov 3, 2009 05:24 AM

Le Marais, Article in "Le Figaro"

For anyone interested (article in French unfortunately!)

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  1. Merci. Le Figaro has often good articles, also in the weekend edition (Madame).

    I also like the article about the covered passages (clickable link at the end of the Marais part).

    Re. Genin, they say open till 9 PM, whereas I have read 8 PM in other articles.

    1. Fortunately! That is, if you're interested in learning new words for making fun of Parisians ("biobo"). Plus they go to the bathroom in giant plastic white rabbits.

      I can't comment on the content of the article, however, since this is one neighborhood of Paris (among many) that I simply can't afford.

      1. If folks are interested in a weekly summary of most articles and reviews of restos, in English, including those in Le Figaroscope, I post a Review of Reviews each Monday or Tuesday, with links on John Talbott's Paris, under Categories: Media Reviews Mondays.

        John Talbott

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          Nice job you're doing, but so much work! I only picked-up this one about Le Marias as so many of the Paris Chows seem to gather around there (not my cup of tea at all... As a boy-scout, I used to deliver Xmas food parcels to the poor old folks there! They must be all dead now, and their dwellings have been taken over by a new wealthy race, but it put me off this area for life)