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Nov 3, 2009 04:59 AM

4 Rivers Smokehouse Winter Park

This new bbq place they have been working on has finally opened, and it is fantastic. Thier sauce is the bet i Have tasted in some time. On my first and only visit i had the brisket dinner which comes with three sides. The mac and cheese is delicious!! You can check out their website here

They have an amazing story with the majority of their proceeds going to charity

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  1. Finally. I've been excited to try this place, glad to hear its great. I'll be checking it out soon. How are the prices?

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    1. re: melpadilla

      On my first visit I got the brisket dinner which came with three sides. that was $11.99. I went back yesterday and got 10 smoked wings for $6.99. the wings are phenomenal. so tender and juicy. pick up an order of six when you me.

      Also on my last visit I noticed a darker meat they had in between the pulled pork and pulled chicken. I asked what it was and it was meat for the Burnt Ends sandwhich. It was heavly smoked portions of the "ends" of both brisket and pork. It tasted fantastic and my next order will def. be the brunt ends sandwich.

      Regular sanwhiches are $6.99 plus two sides.

      The lines have been really long and it can take about 15mins to go through it, but i think it is worth it.


      1. re: fsupilam33

        Excellent info. I saw the wings on the menu and thought the preperation sounded fantastic so glad to hear they really are. Aww, the burnt end sandwich sounds heavenly.

        1. re: fsupilam33

          Brisket dinner is now increased to $12.99, let's hope this is not a trend. Shane's in Maitland did the same thing (increased their prices every time I went in there for a month) and now you can't find a customer in there.

          1. re: kinglouix

            Shane's Rib Shack as in the faux bbq chain? Most concepts started under Raving Blands (Brands) are mediocre.

            But RB has made some good money selling Moe's Southwestern to Focus (Carvel) and Shanes to another investor.

            1. re: kinglouix

              Well, I knew they would do it, and they did! 4Rivers has always had generous portions and excellent Texas style bbq...until now. The last time we visited (around May 3rd), I noticed, as we crawled our way to the front of the line, that the employees were skimming the portions (of the side items) off the top of the small cups they are placed in. They had never before worried if you got an extra kernal of corn or one extra bean. We also noticed that the guys that were cutting the meats were going way lite on the meats. If you had dined there before as we had (several times), you would notice the difference immediately. We always ordered the grits casserole as well. It had always been a generous portion wrapped in aluminum foil about 4x4. As I approached the register, I saw the familiar foil but it was only 1x4! A piece no wider than your thumb. I asked the girl @ the register what was up with the skimpy portions? She agreed and said that they had cut back. I asked to speak to the manager and explained to him that the portions were sizeably smaller. He told me that as far as the grits casserole, they decided to give smaller portions to reduce their time consumption in preparing the casserole. WHAT!!! I mentioned to him that everything was smaller but their prices, which kept going up. He didn't seem to care and seemed appalled that I actually mentioned it. This is a recipe for disaster and has killed more than one good eatery. They will lose a lot of loyal customers, starting with me! It's good, but it's not worth the price verus the portions! If the place was cheap you could cut them some slack, but they're not. My wife and I share the two meat platter w/ a couple of drinks and a dessert and it's almost $25.00...for one dinner! Save yourself the pain in your wallet and go to a place that actually values the customer.

                  1. re: bbqsleuth

                    Sorry to hear, I agree that they are pretty expensive in the first place. I usually order a pound of brisket and either split it if I am dining with someone or take the remainder home. I think most of the sides are average, except the jalepeno peppers which are awesome.

                    The lack of caring by the manager is terrible.

                    1. re: herbert1

                      You really nailed it about the sides. The jalopenos are awesome.

                      I'm worried about their business model if they are loosing money and had to shrink the proportions.

                      Also has all the attention gone to their heads? What was up with that manager. I suppose they think they can do anything and people will still come in droves, and that is a very deathly mistake.

                      1. re: Sandwich_Sister

                        DAMMIT I AM IRATE! (that's similar to very mad) I wish there were enough of us that we could write letters and get them to stop the shenanigans. I can't imagine they're losing money, the rent there can't be that much and they have an insane number of customers each day.

                        1. re: askdrtodd

                          It might be possible that they were to liberal with some of the meat servings, but cutting drastically back on grits... not much savings in that.

                          BTW I did have a good customer experience a while back, somehow the jalopenos had been left out of my to go order (but was still on the bill), I went back about a week later, explained it to the servers and they gladly gave me some no charge on the next order.

                          I just emailed a link to this thread to them. Maybe they will respond.

                          1. re: herbert1

                            I hope they at least take note, I've sent literally dozens of people to that restaurant and if they've truly changed as bbqsleuth said they did above...

                            I love capitalism as much as the next guy, but not when amazing BBQ is involved.

                  2. re: kinglouix

                    Would never try and compare these two places. Shane's has since shut down, 4 Rivers will stay open for as long as the owner wants it to. Some of the best smoked brisket in town. Sauce is good. Cakes from "Atlanta" bakery are wonderful.

              1. November 11th starting at 11am they are donating 50 percent of all the days proceeds to the The Coalition for the Homeless of Central Florida for their official grand opening.

                1. Tried it out for dinner tonight. The brisket was outstanding. the Jalepeno Poppers were very good. The cornbread average.

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                  1. re: herbert1

                    How long was the wait? I've passed 4Rivers twice now since it opened, once at night, once at lunchtimes, and saw long lines both times.

                    1. re: Rona Gindin

                      I hit it at a lull, went at 6:30, and only a 5 minute wait, but when I left at 7, there was a line three times as long. It's definitely good stuff, and with the dearth of good bbq places in Orlando, I don't expect it to die down anytime soon.

                        1. re: Rona Gindin

                          they do a pretty good job of keeping the line moving as well. i'm actually thinking of getting their large turkey for thanksgiving

                          1. re: fsupilam33

                            I think they are gonna be absolutely slammed for thanksgiving, given the quality and taste of what I have experienced so far with the meat.

                  2. Are you kidding me? I could kiss the ground. Finally a BBQ place in Orlando where I didn't feel like jumping over the counter and punching the cook in the face. This is the worst food city in America, full of chain restaurants and chefs that can't understand how to flip a burger; until now. The brisket was bar none the best I've ever had. The pulled pork is good but not nearly at the level of the brisket. The sides were very servicable. Fries are crinkle cut and not bad. Beans where good as was Mac and Cheese. The brisket alone is worth a drive for miles. If you ever eat again at Sony's, Roach Boys, Bubbalou's or any of the other terminal bbq spots in central florida, you should have your tongue cut out.
                    The only drawback I see is that you eat only outside, which works November through March. What do you do the other 7 months when it is 95 degrees with 95% humidity? I guess, I answered my own question, you take it out. Also, sweet tea is good with real lemon. We are so starved for anything edible in Orlando: Thank you 4 RIVERS.

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                    1. re: kinglouix

                      Went back last night. Had the pork, decent but not as good as brisket. Chicken wings were very good. Baked beans were average, cheese grits were poor, fried pickles were fantastic.

                      1. re: herbert1

                        I met one of the managers today at an off-site tasting - he told me they smoke the brisket for 18 hours. Then I tasted it. Simply amazing stuff. They made a believer out of me...

                      2. re: kinglouix

                        Went back again yesterday, the brisket is still worth driving hours for.

                      3. I went over the weekend and thought it was excellent, even though I had to wait roughly 10 minutes in line. I had the Burnt End Sandwich, which was excellent. So good, I didn't even need any of the BBQ sauce. I also really enjoyed the Baked Beans. Saw the desserts, but I didn't try any. They looked good though!

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                          Barry, they don't make the cakes they sell, but some of the best around, try a piece next time, big portions.