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Nov 2, 2009 07:03 PM

Quarter recommendations & beyond/Nov 18-23

My husband and I are coming to town for 5 days for my birthday (which happens to fall on the Po’Boy festival weekend). Though it’s our 9th visit, it’s the first one in the fall (we usually come for JazzFest). And, too, for the first time we’ll be staying in the Quarter (we usually stay in the Garden District). We always walk through the Quarter, have gone to some music there (Snug Harbor, Palm Court, HOB), and, of course, have our fill of beignets at Café du Monde. My vision this trip is to explore all the gems and nooks and crannies, food, music and otherwsie, of the Quarter that I read about on Chowhound and elsewhere. Given that we will definitely visit our favs (Brigstens, Casamento’s, Dick & Jenny’s) and finally try the Parkway Bakery, all outside of the Quarter, and we have dinner at Galitoire’s on Friday, I wonder if you savvy folks could steer us in great directions in the Quarter for the rest of our stay (breakfast, lunch dinner all). One of my requisite things to do while in your town is to drive out to Jean Laffite Reserve to visit the beautiful wetlands. We’ve not found anything wonderful along the way yet; any suggestions? My husband loves the Canal Street ferry ride over to Algiers (and we’ve had a great lunch at the Dry Dock); any other suggestions? We’re both fans of ethnic food but have rarely tried anything but local Creole/Southern food on our previous visits (because it’s so darn good!). Any Vietnamese, Chinese, Thai, Mexican recommendations would be very welcome. Every time we visit your vibrant and fascinating city we fall deeper in love with it. Oh! And, I’m a huge fan of Briarhill Farms sweet pickles! I usually buy a year’s supply at the Farmers’ Market on Tuesday when we’re there for JazzFest but since we return to California on a Monday I’ll miss that. Is there anywhere else I can buy them? Sorry for this long post and thanks for any and all responses!

Casamento's Restaurant
4330 Magazine St, New Orleans, LA 70115

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  1. If you want to try a different cuisine that had a strong influence on New Orleans cooking try Bennachin, an African restaurant on Royal.

    Bennachin Restaurant
    1212 Royal St, New Orleans, LA 70116

    1. Restuaranr Des FAmilies in Crown Point would be a nice place to go in connection with your bayou excursion.

      1. Boy, stuff will really falls off the board quick around here if people don't keep posting. If you really want to do some exploring, you need to head out of the quarter and down into the Fauborg Marigny and especially the Bywater. Its kinda like what the Quarter was eighty or ninety years ago. See Kermit Ruffins at Vaughn's Lounge, have a cold beer at Bud Rips. Bo to Markey's Bar. Have a light snack at Satsuma Cafe and browse for antiques, well brick a brack anyway, at the Bargain Center next door, head down to the Joint for some bbq, while you there cross the canal and see what's happening in the lower ninth ward. There seems to be a coffe house on every other corrner in the Bywater, and some of them haven't even been yelped. As for the Quarter, there's not much hidden but I like the Italian Barrel, which is semi hidden, sidewalk seating, some find it overpriced, but I really like the vibe and all you need to do is split a salad and have a bottle of wine and you should be fine. And I would go to Jack Dempsey's, no tourists there, but it will be full, and you will get your money's worth. Have a very rormantic dinner at Feelings Cafe, its not cutting edge, but it is out of the way. Or go to Meaux Bar, its quiet, good upscale bistro fare, its right in the Quarter. TAke the ferry across the river to Algiers Point and catch some music at the Old Point Bar, have a beer at the Dry Dock.

        Jack Dempsey's Restaurant
        738 Poland Ave, New Orleans, LA 70117

        Old Point Bar
        545 Patterson Dr, New Orleans, LA 70114

        Dry Dock Cafe
        133 Delaronde St, New Orleans, LA 70114

        942 N Rampart St, New Orleans, LA 70116

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          Yes the Marigny & Bywater are great.:
          Jack Dempsey's - fried frog legs and beer in a mug; Elizabeth's for lunch; Mimi's for tapas and late night adult beverages; Feelings for brochette & peanut butter pie & the best bar; Cake Cafe for breakfast; Orange Couch & Marigny Perks for coffee and snack.

          Also you may want to look @ NOCCA to see if they have an event going on.

        2. Check out Domenica in the Roosevelt Hotel. John Besh's team is doing some exceptional Italian influenced temptations. The menu is perfect for a meandering palate, ideal for sharing or great for individual pursuits. The atmosphere is sublime, warm, relaxed and inviting. The menu mirrors this. Small plates, large plates, entrees, you name it, Domenica will leave you delighted and plotting a return visit.

          Bonus: The Roosevelt renovation is spectacular. Check out the Sazerac Bar for drinks and a fabulous trip back in time.

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          1. re: powderhound

            I can't wait for my next trip down. I reaaaaallllly want to hit the various food and drink spots in the Roosevelt. It was just too early to check it out when we were there this past summer.

            1. re: kukubura

              I second Domenica. We just returned from a 3 night stay at the Roosevelt and had a fantastic lunch there. And the Sazerac Bar is just tops.

            2. re: powderhound

              With every restaurant patrons don't always get the same experience, good or bad, as others do.

              I know some friends that went to Dominica for the brunch before the Saints game, Two were staying at the hotel (and declared it fabulous). It was a ten top and they all shared their small plates so sampled almost everything. They thought the food was very spotty with some things very good, some poor and most inbetween. They thought it was worth trying again. However, the service was just plain poor. Not rude but possibly undertrained or green. The night before they went to August for the first time and did enjoy that very much.
              They also frequent Couchon, Luke and Vegas Tapas (which I don't see mentioned much here, possibly because it doesn't fit most people request for a Quarter or CBD/Warehouse destination.).

            3. Pho Tau Bay and 9 Roses on the Westbank for Vietnamese--there's another highly recommended Vietnamese place over there but I haven't been [help me, fellow hounds?]. Or for Vietnamese Po-boys, try Dong Phuong Bakery or Banh Mi Sao Mai in New Orleans East. Those are lunch trips; they tend to close early.

              Pho Tau Bay Restaurant
              113 Westbank Expy, Gretna, LA 70053