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Nov 2, 2009 06:33 PM

When in Doubt, Go to Brasa (MSP)

Last trip was an eating disappoitment, so after a charity event jfood needed som food. Brasa was close and the game was on. So a quick call, a drive by and back to the hotel for the game and food.


How do you describe a sandwich, or better yet, two sandwiches that are just perfect. The bread, the meat and then the sauces that perfectly bring everything together. A masterful creation.

So jfood very much thanks Brasa for a perfect pulled pork and it's perfect cousin a pulled brisket sandwich. Jfood only wishes he could figure how to get to NE on the way to MSP to have them for dinner on his flights home.

And Utley just nailed another homer to tie Reggie for the most home runs in a World Series. Timing is everything.

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  1. Have you had the pulled chicken sandwich? I think I actually prefer that to the other two.

    Either way, you simply can't go wrong.

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    1. re: BigE

      If truth be told, jfood originally ordered all three for his dinner for a takeaway, but before he finished the order he "pulled" the chicken and went with the other two. Why the chicken? Three reasons. (1) He has been eating a bunch of chicken at home of all varieties, had a great Moroccan Chicken dinner on Saturday night before the Jackson Home Video, (2) was really in the mood for the meat versus poultry and (3) the last time he ate at Brasa he ordered the roasted chicken and he was a bit disappointed to its dryness. But we are talking about the sandwich here and not the roasted entree.

      Now it was not an easy choice as jfood wrote in April on his view of the pulled chicken sandwich... "The first item Jfood attacked was the chicken sandwich. This was brilliant. The chicken was succulent, perfectly cooked and the portion on the sandwich was generous. The sauce added a nice little kick to the chicken and the slaw produced a nice cooling and fresh balance. This was as close to a perfect pulled chicken sandwich as Jfood as ever eaten."

      It's tough duty figuring which sandwich to eat at Brasa. :-))

    2. So interesting, cos I don't think I've EVER ordered a sandwich at Brasa! And we go, um, rather a lot since they opened one in St Paul! (they changed the layout of their menu recently and they asked us if we liked it, found it easy to use, but we were not much help cos we almost always order the same thing! So unless they took something off the menu we barely look at it!)

      Might have to branch out and order a sandwich one of these days. Thanks, jfood!

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      1. re: turtlebella

        Go there for brunch! They have a 2 eggs (fresh, awesome), toast (meh) and 2 sides for $7.50. I had delicata squash and black eyed peas last week and everything was yummy.