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Nov 2, 2009 05:45 PM

Need help findind a small appliance repair place in Montreal region

I don't know if this is the proper forum to ask this, if not fell free to redirect me. I'm looking for a place to have an old Kenwood stand mixer service, It just need some adjustments and maybe new grease but it still work well. I know about "Le centre du rasoir" but had a not so good experience couple of years ago with a Cuisinart fp repair and would like to avoid them if possible. I would like a small repair shop where I could eventually have all my small appliance maintenance done, if such a place still exist...
Thanks in advance for you input !
PS I'm desesparated !!!! :)

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  1. I've had good experiences at Leon Service on Sherbrooke W. in NDG. They used to give a free estimate, if it was repairable - not sure what their current policies are. Fixed a VCR for me, tried to have an espresso maker fixed there but unfortunately it was a gift sent up from the US and they couldn't get the right parts ID here.

    Leon Service
    5887 Rue Sherbrooke O
    Montreal QC, H4A 1X6
    Phone #: 514-488-3363

    There is also Mr. Fixit on Decarie but they don't give a free estimate. Been in biz for a long time. Fixed a dehumidifier for me.

    Mr. Fixit
    4652 Boulevard D├ęcarie
    Montreal, QC H3X 2H5, Canada
    (514) 484-8332
    Edit: weird, just noticed they don't mention appliances on the site at all so maybe they changed their focus, but you could call to ask.

    Good luck!

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    1. re: kpzoo

      Well thank you for your post kpzoo, I will contact them and see what they can do.
      Thanks a lot again!

    2. Hi highly recommend Mr. Fixit - honest and faily priced. Good luck.

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      1. re: Basilqueen

        I find Mr. Fixit to be a very charming guy - but I am always both underwhelmed by the work done, and taken aback by the price charged. That said, "small appliance repair" is up there with breeders of passenger pigeons - there are precious few practitioners left. Perhaps we should be happy that there are any at all.
        Mr. Fixit does boast one bitch'n fish tank.

        1. re: erich wiess

          I'm with you, Erich, I've had two disappointments with Fixit and have avoided them since. Maybe next time I'll try KPZoo's recco and try Leon.

      2. You could also try Apollo on Gouin in Pierrefonds. They pretty much have everything when it comes to parts.