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Nov 2, 2009 05:25 PM

Immersion soup-cooler thing

Help me, peoples, please? I cannot remember what it's actually called, and I'm looking to get one. It's essentially a big tube you fill with water, freeze, and then plunge into hot soup or sauce to cool it for storage.

Would love one for home use ... used to be a restaurant cook and loved 'em then, too. Just can't remember what the darn things are called!

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  1. You don't need to purchase a single-purpose utensil, just fill a tall skinny bottle with water and freeze it. I have 32-oz aluminum bottles, as well as plastic bottles, that I use to cool soup, but their primary purpose is so I can take water with me wherever I go.

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      I think they are called Rapi-Kools, by San Jamar.. big lexan finned-containers that you can freeze.

      But I would agree with Janniecooks above - the Rapi-Kools I've seen were meant for LARGE stockpots. A couple of cheap Nalgene botttles frozen up would probably do the trick just as well and work for smaller portions..

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        Mm. I'd probably look for non-BPA bottles since they'd be going into hot liquid -- don't want to leach the plastic. But yeah, that'll work. Thanks. (:

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          I was going to chime in and say watch out for the plastic police.....I never figured it would turn out to be you yourself with the warning.


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            I filled a Rubbermaid container with water and keep it in the freezer for this purpose. It is made for food storage and microwave safe, so I don't think it is going to leach harmful chemicals.

      2. Yes, really you can use anything. Those San Jamars are nice but even the smallest ones are pretty large for the home kitchen.

        I presume you buy bottled water or soda in plastic bottles - just clean and rinse them thoroughly, fill 3/4 with water and freeze. When needed, just plunge them into your stockpot!

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          Actually, I don't buy bottled water. (: I figure it's kind of a ripoff, since we have perfectly good tap water. I have some out in the garage for earthquake emergencies, but that's it. I'd be concerned about using the plastic on those -- I don't think it'd take the heat well. But the overall concept is good. Nalgene-style bottles would probably be better.

        2. I call mine "an asparagus pot with ice cubes in it". Ice cubes cool faster than a solid block of ice, and I generally prefer to just put the stockpot into the sink and fill the sink with cold water. Let it run through the overflow and you have cool soup in 10 minutes. 5 minutes if you stir, but if you're prepping for long-term storage then the benefits of NOT putting anything in the soup pot that may have bacteria on it outweigh faster cooling. No need to contaminate the soup with whatever happens to be on the exterior of your cooling thingamajig, when you can keep the lid on and cool it in a water bath.