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Nov 2, 2009 05:24 PM

Dinner & Dessert for Day-trippers

Taking my parents on a day-trip to Manhattan on Saturday and am responsible for planning dinner (for my 30th birthday). My husband and I lived there several years ago, but on student budgets, so we're really not too familar with the restaurant scene.

I'm looking for someplace with adventurous modern american food that's not too much of a scene (or too formal, we'll be having dinner after walking around all day). I really like the menu at Public, but most of the reviews seem to be about brunch or Sunday Supper.

Any options about Public for dinner on a Saturday or suggestions for alternatives?

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  1. Without going in to a lot of detail (because I jdon't have a lot of time right now) I readily endorse PUBLIC. We ate there very recently on a Sunday but did not have the Sunday Supper, we just ordered off the regular menu and everything was excellent. I think it's an excellent choice for what you are looking to do. Make sure you get the appetizer with their house cured wild boar.

    Service was friendly, the space is very nice, wines and beers are very reasonable and they have some wonderful cocktails.

    We were very casual and it was early-ish Sunday evening.

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      Ouch, Public is closed for a private event on Saturday night. Any suggestions for something similar?

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        Are you sure it was the entire restaurant closed and not just The Monday Room? Regardless, you could also look into August, it's West Village so I don't know if that fit your needs but it's very good and although not as creative as Public it is still a solid choice, they call themselves European cuisine but I wouldn't categorize them as such.

        The Monday Room
        210 Elizabeth Street, New York, NY 10012