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good eats in Mesa Arizona

We are heading to Mesa for the weekend, and were looking for some suggestions of a good restaurant. No chains please!

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  1. D'Vine Bistro is very good and very local. It's at the southeast corner of Power and McDowell. Here's the menu link - http://www.dvinebistro.com/ourmenu.ph...

    If you like spicy, Los Dos Molinos is yummy! It's New Mexican - they have some of my favorite chips/sauce as well as very thick, fresh, delicious flour tortillas. It's at 260 S. Alma School Road in a super ugly, small strip mall with an mechanic shop. Great margs, too.

    Cornish Pasty is a good inexpensive, unique option. It has a great coal-minter theme (miners ate pasty's to avoid poisoning themselves), interesting beers and about 30 of their namesake baked meals (England's version of a calzone but crust is light, pie-like).

    Mesa is really spread out - if you let us know where you are staying you'll get places that are close to you. I kind a few faves from 3 different sections of Mesa - Dvine and Cornish Pasty are a half hour drive from each other.

    1. Being snarky here....Mesa is a town with a lot of restaurants but with no place to eat.

      1. Mesa is close to Tempe. Head there to the House of Tricks, nice local place.

        Also you are close to Scottsdale, lots of choices and different price points.

        House of Tricks
        114 E 7th St, Tempe, AZ 85281

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          Askrula- Hopefully the map on the right helps. As mentioned before, Mesa is fairly large and depending on where the hotel is, House of Tricks could be 30 mins away.

          House of Tricks
          114 E 7th St, Tempe, AZ 85281

        2. Hey thanks for the info. I am a chef from NYC who lives in Santa Fe so I think I will skip the southwestern fare. I am going to a military model competition with my husband so I need something to look forward to! We are staying near the competition at the palatial Days Inn in east Mesa.

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            Red, White and Brew is a fine, easy, inexpensive, large-portioned spot but not a place I'd imagine an NYC chef getting too excited about.

            Not sure when you will be in Mesa, but if it's after the new Cafe Boa opens at Power and McDowell, I would highly suggest a stop there. A very good local chef (formerly of Digestif in Scottsdale) created the menu for the new Mesa location and just redid the menu at the original Tempe location as well. I'm expecting great things but, technically, it's untested.

          2. I work in East Mesa, so I can only give a sandwich type place recommendations where we go for lunch.

            Crackers and Co has a huge menu with pretty good food for lunch and breakfast. I like their burgers and sandwiches. I do not like their spinach/artichoke soup (so thick its like a dip), or their salads (poor quality lettuce).

            Flancers has good sandwiches.

            Cafe Mix has okay Greek food- I didn't like th e dressing on my Greek salad, and the chicken kebab wasn't the best I've ever had, but it wasn' t bad either.

            Finally, I've heard good things about Red White and Brew but have yet to go.

            Red White & Brew
            6740 E McDowell Rd Ste 102, Mesa, AZ 85215

            Flancer's Cafe
            1902 N Higley Rd, Mesa, AZ 85205

            Crackers and Co Cafe
            1325 N Greenfield Rd, Mesa, AZ 85205

            Cafe Mix
            4405 E McKellips Rd Ste 106, Mesa, AZ 85215

            1. East Mesa is pretty far away from a lot of the places that usually get recommended here (including everything in Tempe). How far are you willing to drive? And, what type of food and price range are you interested in?

              I like Benjarong Thai and Asian Cafe Express, both 15-20 minutes away and very informal/inexpensive. Lulu's Taco Shop in Gilbert is about the same drive time using the freeway, they have great lengua tacos, but that may be too SW for you.

              Benjarong Thai Restaurant
              1440 S Country Club Dr # 10, Mesa, AZ

              Lulu's Taco Shop
              610 N Gilbert Rd Ste 302, Gilbert, AZ 85234

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                Good things have been said (I'm one of the one's that've been saying it too, admittedly) about Pasti's Eurogrille and Delicatessen. It's on Val Vista and Baseline opposite of the Dana Park area. A search on the board will find what's been said about it, it also was listed on Phoenix Magazines Top 23 New restaurants (for whatever that's worth). Highlight for me was the cheese stuffed tenderloin w/white wine sauce on it. Here's the website so you can peruse the menu and mapquest it: http://www.pastisaz.com/ The website isn't up to date so far as they now offer alcoholic beverages, but everything else is accurate.

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                  I've had a few great lunches at Pastis. My DH and I usually split the Serbian Salad and the Sudjuk, or take the recommendations of the owner, who is very friendly and eager to talk about the menu and offer suggestions.

              2. There are In - n - Out's all over Mesa! Don't leave home without give them a try.

                1. So just back from Mesa. Are all those chains really necessary? We did have some decent meals. Red white and Brew was decent, though at last check I don't think chicken Marsala is supposed to be that sweet. Cornish Pasty was an odd experience.Food was good, service was a little too slacker for my taste, but the 1980's blasting rock was sooo lame. The egg and eye(I know its a chain) provided a huge breakfast which was very well served but frankly we had a perfect breakfast at the village inn served by a waitress named "The queen Bee" which arrived perfectly cooked in 4 minutes.I think when you travel sometimes you need adjust your expectations to the town. Having said that, the absolute highlight of my trip was handmade pie by Kathy at Pie-O-neeer in Pietown New Mexico.This is a very "Chowhound" worthy tip.It's an amazing honest handmade piece of love in a flaky crust made of butter and lard.Can't beat it!pie

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                    I've lived in NYC, SF, LA, and now East Mesa.
                    1. Caffe Boa (Power/McDowell) - farm to table, delicious burrata, oysters, on par with food in any major city.

                    2. D'Vine Wine Bistro - right next door to Caffe Boa, more informal fare, amazing salmon on polenta dish, and live music. Wine shop also.

                    3. Thai House - (Power and Southern) Spicy basil noodles (Pa-kee-mao) is as good or better than SF Thai food which is amazing. Pineapple fried rice, curries, all very tasty. Not much ambiance, we usually get take out.

                    4. Gyro Place - (Power/McKellips) The Chicken Kabob Sandwich is absolutely amazing and dirt cheap. I get it spicy and probably get it to go (not much ambiance) at least 2 times a week.

                    So far that's it. Would love to get any more tips for the Las Sendas, East Mesa area.

                    Caffe Boa
                    5063 E Elliot Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85044

                    Thai House Restaurant
                    1155 S Power Rd Ste 121, Mesa, AZ 85206

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                      Try Contigo Peru in west Mesa it is great. Lennys for burgers. Pita Jungle for a little of everything.

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                        Not sure how this thread popped up again but I'd like to ask Askrula why she chose the spots she did? I, for one, specifically replied to her post with:

                        "Red, White and Brew is a fine, easy, inexpensive, large-portioned spot but not a place I'd imagine an NYC chef getting too excited about. "

                        Not exactly a ringing endorsement ... anyway, just feeling a little defensive after the "lower your expectations" comment, especially if it was aimed at the entire Valley and not just Mesa. We have some amazing restaurants, they just get lost in the sea of chains!

                        citylarki - I've lived in Las Sendas for the last 8 years and have been to and agree with all four of the northeast Mesa spots you mentioned. Excited to try the chicken kabob sandwich, my husband and I always split the lamb gyro.

                        Got Sushi has had it's ups and downs with me over the years but lately, like in the last year, I've had some great sushi there.

                        Got Sushi
                        6744 E McDowell Rd Ste 102, Mesa, AZ 85215