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Nov 2, 2009 04:20 PM

South Bay Restaurant Recommendation - 2 Vegans in Party

My in-laws' anniversary is Saturday night so we are looking for a fairly nice restaurant
to accomodate their very average taste in food, along with mine and my partner's

Someplace between Manhattan Beach and Torrance. No ethnic - I know,
this is kind of hard.

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  1. Which vegan restaurants have you tried and liked? There are a few places in the South Bay. Have you tried searching for a few?

    What restaurants do you think are fairly nice?

    Considered calling some upscale places and asking if they could prepare vegan dishes?

    1. houston's on rosecrans serves a terrific veggie burger (get the fries, skip the salad, tell them no cheese).
      the only problem i foresee is that they don't take reservations.
      here's a link to their menu:

      1. I'm pretty sure now days most notable restaurants have Vegan dishes. When you call to make reservations you can ask them. Try this website..