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Nov 2, 2009 02:50 PM

Looking for Dinner Suggestions in Montreal

Good evening! I'll be in Montreal this weekend, and am looking for dinner recommendations -- I've tried skimming the boards here and am a little overwhelmed. So many wonderful things to choose from. I'm looking for places with lots of fish and vegetarian options, preferably mid-range price. We're staying near Place Phillips, but will have a car to get around town. We're going to ChuChai on Saturday night -- I was there a few years ago and loved it. But that means I'm not really looking for another strictly vegetarian meal, or one that is Asian-centric. Bonus points for suggesting something with an online menu I can browse! Thank you so much for your help.

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  1. There are a couple of places I know and love; as a money-tight student in Montreal, they may not be the most highbrow, but when it comes to good food, who cares?

    There's Aux Vivres (4631 Boulevard Saint-Laurent) which is completely vegan. They have a vegan version of a BLT, with toasted coconut as a bacon replacement. (Get it on the chapati.) I had the dragon bowl last time I went, which was flavorful and light, yet filling.

    There's also Lola Rosa (545 Rue Milton) right in the McGill Ghetto. It's a vegetarian restaurant that's a favorite of students. The menu is a bit short, but a couple of the dishes change depending on ingredients available (specifically: the quiche, which is always delicious). I always go for the ratatouille quesadilla and it never disappoints. Plus, people leave slips with messages in the table drawers, which is always good if dinner conversations gets a little slow.

    Also, I just recently found the most ridiculous and fantastic little restaurant on Ste. Catherine by Chomedy. I think it's called (or going to be called) 500ans, though I'm not sure. It's a Korean/Japanese restaurant run by a youngish group of very sweet servers. I had the soba noddles with Japanese veggies, edamame, and green tea ice cream (which came with incredible little Korean candies). From the looks of it, the restaurant has JUST been taken over: the sign out front is cardboard (though they just recently installed a second, more proper sign), there's an upright piano still in the corner, and the bookshelves have been stuffed with manga. It's so good, almost entirely unknown, and fantastically odd.

    1. One of the members of the group just weighed in with "in the mood for italian, mexican, or indian," if that helps.

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        A lovely Indian resto is Moti Mehal at the corner of L'Acadie & Jean-Talon in Little India. It's very affordable, the decor is nicer than a lot of restos in the area, and the food is superb. They have fish, shrimp, and a load of veggie options. My personal fave is the cholay chick-pea dish: spicy, thick, and hearty.

        See these threads for more info:

        And the resto's site: (mind the music


        menu online:

        Moti Mehal
        1024 Rue Jean-Talon Ouest, Montreal, QC H3N, CA