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Nov 2, 2009 02:49 PM

Chicken Pot Pie in OC?

Any tips?

Have heard mixed reviews of La Palma Chicken Pie Shop in Anaheim. Same for Phillip's Chicken Pies in Seal Beach.

Are they worth trying?

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  1. La Palma chicken pie in Anaheim isn't far from me, but. I'd rather go to Denny's.

    It's the worst restaurant food I've experienced (and surprised it's been recommended by CH-ers.) The ambience however is rockin-retro. It should be used for a movie set. There's nothing like it! Go for the ambience...but only order dessert. The pie isn't bad.

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    1. re: Funwithfood

      I'm one of those people that likes an occasional jaunt to La Palma CPS, and yes, it' s got a similar pie and ambience as the place in Seal Beach. They are both worth trying, if not for the food (which is just ok), but for the authentic old schoolness, which in OC more commonly comes in the format of faux-retro like Ruby's Diner or Johnny Rocket's or some such.

      I like La Palma's CPP mainly because the nuggets of chicken aren't totally industrial like so many other places. The kitchen apparently doesn't salt anything, and food's not the same if you salt it at the table. I'm guessing it's to please all the elder folk on their hypertension meds that keep the place busy.

      As an alternative the CPP at Claim Jumper ain't bad, if overlarge.

      1. re: Professor Salt

        Professor Salt; if I served a chicken pot pie that tasted like theirs at my house, you'd look at me bug-eyed and speechless...I hope! :)

        There is a nostaligic quality to the institution...which makes up for the flavor, to some.

        (...and how the heck are you PS?!)

      2. re: Funwithfood

        I'm w/you on this; I went to the LaPalma CPS (after the solid reviews) and thought "ick" (relative to the atmosphere). The food is old-school as are the prices. The food is okay (maybe even meh)...though certainly not compelling enough for me to return.

      3. Great feedback. Thanks.

        I may just indulge in a mini pot pie at Daily Grill's Happy Hour. It doesn't look like La Palma is really any good.