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Foods that you love so much you enjoy them even when it's a terrible version

I have a friend who likes french fries so much, that she'll eat frozen ones straight out of the Ore Ida bag. I have a similar thing with burritos where I will still pretty much always enjoy them, even if it's a bad frozen burrito. Do you have any foods like that?

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  1. Have you ever resorted to those vending machine burritos? If you can stomach those, then it really is "true love".

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    1. re: ipsedixit

      fortunately, i don't often have to, but yeah.

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        One of those late-night, gotta get it out last-minute bankruptcy petitions?

    2. I think I've yet to meet an enchilada I would turn my nose up at.

      1. Onion rings. Good ones are sublime but to me there is no such thing as an inedible one. Even the bad ones are good.

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          You've obviously never had one of them from Sonic. Gross-tastic.

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            Oh yes I have. Just last week, as a matter of fact. Not my favorite, but still just fine, especially when they're still very hot.

          2. Nope... I have to say that if I love a certain food, eggplant parm, for instance, it has to taste good or I can't eat it. Poor quality ruins the experience for me and makes me cranky.

            Frozen fries from the fridge? Shudderrrrrrr.

              1. Jalapeno poppers. I love my homemade bacon-wrapped/baked/cream-cheese & sausage stuffed ones, but will happily eat the frozen tgiFridays breaded version, or sonic's radioactive yellow CHEEZ version...

                And nachos. There's just no such thing as bad nachos. (And I've lived - and eaten nachos - in CT which were made with american cheese, I kid you not. Still ate them everytime we went to that rest.)

                1. With me it's mainly desserts: bread pudding, tiramisu, cheesecake, etc. I'd take bad bread pudding over a good cupcake any day.

                  But onion rings might qualify too.

                  In general, these are all things I rarely order so I'm not tempted.

                  1. Spring rolls- even the Sysco variety is fine with me.

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                      I'm really ashamed to admit this, but: Mexican food.

                      I'll whine and complain and carry on and on when it's bad -- but, if given the choice to NOT eat enchiladas, nachos, guacamole, etc., for long periods of time, OR to eat really terrible versions, I will choose the latter.

                      I realized this a few months ago when I noticed I was craving the really disgusting "quesadillas" served at a pseudo-Mexican restaurant here in our little French town. Ick. I know.

                    2. For me, it's pasta. From Mario Batali's restuarant, or Top Ramen, Hamburger Helper and Spagettios. I love pasta.

                      1. Mac n' cheese. I make the Gourmet Magazine recipe at home, complete with cayenne, dijon, and panko crumbs, but I'll eat most any kind down through Velveeta and beyond. I will draw the line at a baked version that's totally dried out, though.

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                          I don't know if I "love" mac n' cheese, but I've yet to come across one that was inedible (including Kraft).

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                              The only thing that renders mac 'n cheese inedible is the macaroni being overcooked and mushy. That's more of a textural thing for me than anything, though. I can't stand the mouthfeel of it.

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                                  I bend the other way - I don't mind mushy as long as it's creamy, but I can't eat one that's dried-out and chewy.

                          1. Pizza. Never met a slice I didn't like. (Although I may have complained about some, I have never turned my back.)

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                              I would have said the same until I encountered the "grease and plastic atop a slice of cardboard" pizza at some super cheapo place. It didn't even taste like pizza. You would have gotten closer with ketchup and velvetta atop a saltine.

                            2. I think that must be a personality thing because I get very disappointed when I order or make a favorite dish and it is not up to snuff. I have eaten dishes that still tasted good, even though they were not truely what I had in mind, but I would not say that they were terrible.
                              BTW - I have to say, the idea of eating frozen FF's out of the bag makes me gag a little.

                              1. Meatballs or Meat Loaf.....and any Hors doeuvre passed at a cocktail reception....especially those pigs in a blanket.

                                1. For me its Chinese food. Good or bad, I love it.

                                  1. Bread. Even if it's the flavorless french loaf that's sold at the grocery stores for $1. Throw on some salted butter and it's not so bad anymore.

                                    1. Bad Mexican is OK with me. I love chili dogs of all quality (except a vegetarian hotdog is not a hotdog). I used to say pizza, but then I had a pizza in mexico with carboard crust, american cheese that was the worst thing I probably ever ate. So I wouldn't include pizza in my list anymore.

                                      1. A cheeseburger! I will eat them here, there or anywhere. I remember in high school buying the two for $1at AM/PM with the build your own burger bar YUMM!! I will still eat a Mc Double although I don't know why. I have even eaten them from the freezer case or vending machine and nuked. Not the best but certainly not the worst thing I've ever eaten. Actually the only cheeseburger I could not eat was in Spain and it was made with horse meat. The texture is exponentially more wrong (not burgery) than even a Boca Burger, bluck! Other then that big, small, short or tall I love, love, love them all.

                                        Edit: sorry all I must have read one too many Dr. Seuss.

                                        1. Barbecue on a bun. I started to say "barbecued beef on a bun" but of course sometimes it's pork. And during World War II when meat was hard to get, they used to sell barbecued lunchmeat on a bun and I didn't even care. More recently, I once ordered a meatless vegetarian barbecue on a bun, made with a soy product , and THAT was delicious. I bought a box of the soy stuff and followed directions carefully but the end result came out exactly the consistency of dog poop, so since then I've stuck to actual meat. Of some sort.

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                                            That's why I will never buy the vegetarian link sausage again. No problem with the taste, but jeez, sure looks like a turd to me. Patties from now on.

                                          2. sweet potatoes. mashed, smashed, roasted, baked -

                                            1. A southern comfort food favorite that I'm ashamed to love in the first place.... Chicken Divan.

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                                                lol. just made this for my husband. He couldn't decide on what to request for his birthday meal, and this was one of his choices. I made his first choice for his birthday, but followed up with this a few days later & boy was he happy.

                                              2. Pizza. I am also embarrassed to say I really like the vending machine bean burritos, I think it's Reser's that makes them.

                                                And pasta.

                                                1. Pizza. It's like sex. When it's good, it's great, and when it's bad it's still pretty good.

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                                                  1. I will eat any grilled cheese that you put in front of me.

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                                                    1. Burritos. IDK, I just love them. Fresh, frozen, fast food, restaurant, gourmet... Sometimes we all make bad choices.

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                                                        Good call. I even like Moe's, Qdoba, Chipotle, etc. (although Moe's is the best to me, since they have tofu and fresh jalapenos).