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Nov 2, 2009 02:00 PM

richmond highway -- hybla valley down to lorton -- need recs

i will be running around this area tomorrow, and wondered about the best place to grab a bite for late breakfast (eggs & good grits kind of place, home-style "real" biscuits) and/or lunch, either thai, cajun (andouille or shrimp with remoulade), fried fish (not tilapia), pakistani kabob or lebanese mezze-type stuff, or bbq (pulled pork, not sweet -- or really good smoked chicken) -- preferably a place to get in and out relatively quickly.

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  1. i ate lunch at dixie bones. chopped pork platter $11.45.

    i got locals' recs for "elsie's iron skillet" for a good breakfast, and "mike's italian" for dinner (and lunch i presume).

    1. Mamma's Kitchen near the Shopper's in Hybla Valley has really good gyro sandwiches. Lots of other stuff, but the gyro sandwiches are the best thing I've found so far.

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        The white pizza at Mamma's is pretty darn good too.