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Nov 2, 2009 01:37 PM

Gusto y Mare

Went there last night for dinner. Place was completely empty. Service horrible, too expensive, and the food was barely edible. How can people charge so much for a barely edible meal....It is so disappointing to go to these types of kosher restaurants....

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  1. I'm surprised. I know the prices were getting very high the last time I was there (a couple of years ago), but I thought the food was excellent, especially their soups. We went at least four different times and there was never a soup I'd call anything less than "delicious." What was "barely edible" about it? I was wondering if I should consider another visit; can you be more specific about what made it so objectionable? (It's Gusto Va Mare, by the way.)

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      I had a vegetable soup and my friend had a spinach soup. Both were barely edible. Spinach soup looked like green water.

      I had a pasta with marinara sauce that tasted as if it came from a box, and the sauce was very bland. My friend had gnocchi, which she said was not good. The waiter had no personality, and even when we were they only ones there he never refilled the water or bread. For $25 for a plain pasta I am expecting something better then I can make at home. I prefer Van Bene or Tevere.....Domani was the best when that was open....I really think it is absurd to charge the amount this restaurant does and not have it live up to the standard you would expect. Also there were no towels for Netilat Yadayim, nor in the bathroom....

    2. I went there last year with my wife for my birthday and it was one of the worst dinner that we have ever had. We were the only ones there and the Mashgiach/bartender/waiter spent our entire meal playing solitare. The food was terrible.

      I found out that the owner had become absentee and that is ususally when things spiral down.

      1. I went there once a number of years ago and also had a bad experience. The details are fuzzy but I do recall that the service was the worst I've ever had and the food was, at best, just fine. Friends of mine were there eating separately and they said it was an off night and that they usually enjoyed eating there. It wasn't worth it for a return visit for me.