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Nov 2, 2009 01:26 PM

Where to get Tacos Dorado in SFor North Bay

I recently came back from a trip to San Jose Del Cabo where I had the most sublime tacos dorado at the mercado municipal. These were flour tortillas fried to perfection with pulled chicken, lettuce, crema, and salty cheese with roasted red and green salsas. They are truely a work of culinary genius and I would imagine there is a place here to get something similar. But while wandering the mission last weekend I walked into a taqueria and ordered their version. Yikes, supermarket quality hard taco shells and densly packed chunk chicken. A whole different and disapointing animal. Help, the withdrawls are terrible!

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  1. Quixote's has good tacos dorado.

    Quixote's Mexican Grill
    406 Dewey Blvd, San Francisco, CA 94116

    1. I have had good luck with the Tacos Dorados at Mi Familia in San Rafael (the one near the first exit heading Northbound 101- in the Marin Square strip mall). Five crispy tacos (I usually get al pastor), some shredded lettuce and sliced tomatoes, and some (marginal) dressing on top. I don't think this is world class stuff, but it's a nice change and good value at $5.95. They have a basic chips and salsa bar, with decent salsa verde. Probably not worth a special trip but if you are in or near San Rafael, it's worth trying.

      1. Also in San Rafel, Tacqueria San Jose, under the freeway between 3rd & 4th at Heatherton , used to have them ~ things change slowly there so I am sure they still do. I recall them as 5 per order, good but best too share, a little greasy which catches up near the end of a full order. A little salsa bar selection to choose your own heat.

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          Last time I ordered tacos dorado at TSJ was *really* my last time. They totally forgot about the order, then burned them beyond recognition. Yecch.

        2. Try the crispy tacos at Cactus Taqueria! It's not in SF or the North Bay, but the Oakland Cactus location is right next to Rockridge BART, so it's easy to get to.

          Cactus Taqueria
          5642 College Ave, Oakland, CA 94618

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            Second this rec. I go to the Cactus on Solano though.

          2. La Mexicana Taqueria on Sutter between Hyde and Leavenworth has tacos dorado.

            Caveat: I have no point of comparison for this dish, but I like the place in general when I need a quick bite. It's a little neighborhood spot, the service is friendly, and the young woman who owns it is trying very hard to offer authentic flavors while cutting down on the fat and grease found at most run of the mill taquerias. Sometimes the food is exceptional, and it's always at least tasty. And I never feel konked out after eating a meal there, which is nice when I want Mexican without the ensuing food coma.