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Nov 2, 2009 01:13 PM

Good beer in Vegas?

Are there places with good beer selections in Las Vegas, preferably near the strip? Either brewpubs or places with a big beer menu.


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  1. Although a chain of brewpubs, I think that Gordon Biersch brews fine beer. I think that their Hefeweizen is as close to the Bavarian real thing as you can find in the USA. Of course you can also go to the Hofbrauhaus which is a cheap imitation of the real place in Munich. Beer is OK, but it's just not the same not being served by authentic Brunhilde type bier madchens carrying 8 liter glasses.

    Gordon Biersch
    750 S Rampart Blvd Ste 16, Las Vegas, NV 89145

    1. Freakin' Frog On Maryland across from UNLV. Full menu of great beers.

      1. Another chain, located just south of the strip on LV blvd in the Town Square shopping center is the Yard House Restaurant. They have about 100 quality beers on tap and a food menu.

        Yard House Restaurants
        6593 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89119

        1. Ellis Island has buck microbrews. It's a block behind Bally's.

          1. Thanks for the help. Yard House looks okay, but I see only a few beers on the menu that I can't get here. Freakin' Frog is a bit further away, but it looks like we'll try that.

            Hofbrauhaus might be fun if the weather is good.

            Google showed me Sin City Brewing. Is the beer any good?

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                32 Draft at the M Resort does have a lot of taps, and technically it is located on Las Vegas Blvd. However keep in mind that it is at the extreme south end of the valley, a full 10 miles south of Mandalay Bay. So unless you have a rental car you're going to spend a good $40 to $50 round trip in taxi fare. The buses don't even go anywhere near the M Resort so that's not an option.

                As for Sin City Brewing, I felt their beers were very mediocre.

                Here's a link to the Las Vegas page on the Beer Advocate website, with reviews of a number of places. You might find something that fits your criteria: