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Nov 2, 2009 01:03 PM

The Hudson--has anyone been there yet?!

I have heard a lot of great things about this new restaurant on Crescent Heights and Santa Monica. It is an English Pub vibe that is in the old train station on the corner of CH & SM. Has anyone been?! I would love to check it out! THANKS!!!

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  1. I just went and liked it enough that I'd go back. The food was good and relatively inexpensive (sanwiches w/fries for $10 and entrees around $15). Not really "foodie" food, but solid and tasty (esp for the neighborhood). The balcony is fun and a bit romantic and the servers were friendly. I'd definitely recommend it for someone who wants to grab drinks and a bite to eat or someone who's looking for a reasonably priced dinner.

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      Ooooh! I love cheap eats with great atmosphere. Do you recommend anything from their menu?? I can't seem to find it online...Thank you much...any one else?!

      1. re: Deidre7

        I really liked their cheesesteak ($11) and the SO enjoyed his turkey burger ($10). Sandwiches come with fries or salad.