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Nov 2, 2009 12:38 PM

Thomas Keller @ Bouchon LA?

Anyone know if hes going to be here long/ if he is going to head the kitchen at all? I would imagine the first week or so but haven't heard anything.

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  1. that would be extremely doubtful. well, let's just go ahead and say flat out: no way. there's a chef at Bouchon and above the chef at Bouchon there's jeff cerciello, who runs casual dining for Keller. plus, of course, he's kinda busy with the french laundry and per se (which also have their own chefs). i'd be surprised if he stopped by more than a half-dozen times a year. but he is there right now ... or at least he was last week. place looks great and the food is exactly what you remember if you've been to vegas or yountville.

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      The worst meal (in the high end realm) of my life (salty, with horrendous service and one poorly executed dish after another, until I finally said enough of the torment) was at Bouchon in Vegas.

      Others were swooning at the table but I think it must've been because of what they thought they were eating instead of what they were.

      9 W Victoria St, Santa Barbara, CA 93101

      1. I called and made reservations for opening weekend (Saturday the 21st). The restaurant does not know for sure if Chef Keller will be in attendance, but I'm hopeful. The L.A. Times articles have shown him to be very involved in the opening of the Beverly Hills location.