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Nov 2, 2009 12:34 PM

4 Nights in the City - Budget itinerary almost there!

Hi everyone

Okay, so we have a rough first draft of our itinerary for our budget trip but I'm guessing we can do better.

So far, we are thinking of trying to hit up the following whilst in town:

Breakfast: Clinton Street Bakery, The Smith

Lunches: Brooklyn one day so maybe Luger's Burger or Junior's Diner, Saigon for banh mi, Ippudo for ramen, Katz for Pastrami (we don't always eat lunch so may skip some of these)

Dinners: Dinosaur for BBQ, Shake Shack for burger, Johns on Bleeker for pizza

Desserts: Rice to Riches, Doughnut Plant, Chickalicious or Waffle & Dinges Truck

Still need recs for: bagels near Wellington hotel, cheap & tasty pasta, a good quality & cheap american diner.

Open to change any of the above if we can do better.

Thanks Guys

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  1. Skip Juniors- not worth the trip, even for locals. Where is the Wellington Hotel? It will help to generate recs if we know where it is.

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    1. re: Ann900

      Agree about Junior's. I've been for the nostalgia and it just reminded me of a regular diner with a large menu of cheesecakes that were just 'eh.

      1. re: Ann900

        Sorry, the Wellington is Midtown near Times Square. Not my location of choice but we got a corker of a room rate.

      2. If you love good cheesecake, go to Junior's for dessert...the rest is just not that interesting...

        1. I'm a huge fan of Dinosaur BBQ but I've recently discovered Fette Sau and I'm in love. Check it out if you don't mind going to Williamsburg. As for diners, I'm convinced there the one's in the city aren't worth going to and I dont think any of them are cheap. Enjoy your meal elsewhere, unless you're willing to travel to Jersey.

          Dinosaur Bar-B-Que
          777 W. 125th Street, New York, NY 10027

          1. I'd sub Katz's for Junior's. If you're at the Wellington, go to the Carnegie. Good breakfasts and the pastrami ain't bad. Forget John's, way past it's prime. Treat yourself to Keste across the street.

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            1. re: Chuck Lawrence

              Anyone been to Calexico recently? For mexican I'm debating between Calexico & Pampano Tacqueria?

              125 Prince St, New York, NY 10012