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Nov 2, 2009 12:33 PM

Brooklyn Pie Company 1501 Park Ln #101 Georgetown, TX 78628

Had lunch with a friend on a Sunday after not having eaten here in at least 5 years. Off the beaten path little place, used to have a better vibe. Now with the renovations and whatnot, it's lost its NYC edge... the chairs and tables scrape the floor, tables too short for the chairs so you bump your thighs all the time, and it feels too brand-spanking new (though the renovation was 3 years ago.) Obviously someone decided to fancify the decorations, adding silk grapevines over the windows, but it doesn't do much for the ambience.

The place was empty but it still took quite a while to get our order which was relatively simple-- a cheese slice, a pepperoni slice, and 10 wings. (When asked how "New York style wings" differed from "normal" ones, the guy behind the counter was lacking in answerage.) Maybe 15-20 minutes? Yikes.

To their credit-- the slices are ENORMOUS (think approximately a third of a big pizza. Cut a little haphazardly, but no question, at least the equivalent of two-three "normal" slices.)

Would have been better if it was hot, which you'd expect. It was comfortably warm, but not crisp. Good tasting crust, excellent texture around the rim but the center was soggy/gooey. Nice flavor to the cheese and sauce; maybe a little too much cheese? I didn't try the wings but my friend said they were okay.


Brooklyn Pie Company
8127 Mesa Dr Ste B202, Austin, TX 78759

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  1. Lost a lot when the original owners sold it. The one in Round Rock is much closer to the original vision.

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      My wife and I ordered a pizza from Brooklyn Pie RR location last Friday nite, it was pretty horrible, I don't know what went wrong, we paid about 30 for a pie, it tasted worst than the school cafe pizza, please do not associate the word BROOKLYN with their pizza, or you'll end up greatly disappointed. Don't trust me? go get one and judge for yourself!