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Nov 2, 2009 12:26 PM

Guelaguetza is now doing mail order!

One of the things I loved about LA was the moles at Guelaguetza. I would usually bring home a few tubs. I'm lazy and can't see myself making them from scratch. And I haven't been happy with the commercial ones from Mexican grocers. Not sure how long this has been going on, but it seems that they're now doing mail order! Very excited by the news! If you're a mole fan and lazy like me, I would highly recommend ordering from Guelaguetza.

P.S. I ordered the pastes, not the ready-to-eat version, which seems kind of expensive.

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  1. Good heavens - this IS big news! Thanks for the tip, Miss Needle. Mole poblano for Thanksgiving...Mmmmmm......

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    1. re: DC in DC

      Heeeheehee - you can also order chapulines! Just in time to scare away any unwelcome relatives over the holidays!

      Thank you for sharing this discovery Miss Needle - I'm thrilled to hear that there is hope beyond those bland bodega mole tubs.

    2. Tried the black mole paste yesterday. Wanted to let you guys know that it is the same as always. Delicious! And makes for a super easy dinner.