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Nov 2, 2009 12:14 PM

Dinner out as a wedding gift in Dallas - recommendations?

One of my good friends recently got married and his registry was already bought out. He's been in Dallas for a few years and undoubtedly already been to most of the top places in town for work dinners (high roller business guy). However, his wife is new to Dallas, so may not have hit too many.

Another friend and I will likely go in on this together so that we can make it more of a blowout occasion. So, I'm looking for a place that is between $300-400 for dinner for two, and would be a great experience.

I can't give a ton of guidance on cuisine, except to say that the couple are in their mid-30s and adventurous as far as eating goes. New and hip would be preferred over old and stuffy... something like a "welcome to Dallas" experience for someone new to town to knock their socks off.

I had looked at the Dallas observer and some other reviews, and was thinking that Local, Lola, Aurora, or Bijoux may fit the bill...but I need a local to weigh in on some good ideas.

Many thanks!

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  1. Just as a warning scratch Lola off your list as it is closed as of Halloween.

    As a local foodie I would suggest several smaller ethnic venues since they are adventurous and cheaper. Your money would go further.

    I would send em to Samar the new place Stephan Pyles just opened in the Arts District ($150). Also get em a gift cert for Jasmine Thai in Plano (it is far but worth it), take a camera and ask Paul for the translations of the Thai menu you have to ask for it ($60). Get em a gift cert for Kirin Court in Richardson (Chinese) and grab a copy of the menu it is lenghty ($75). Saigon Block (Vietnamese) in Richardson ($60), who doesn't like making an attempt at a Vietnamese spring roll with baked catfish. It is interactive and quite fun and the place doesn't look like a hole in the wall.

    If you are sticking to American I would say Bijoux, Aurora, York Street or perhaps Hatties or Bolsa in Bishop Arts District in Oak Cliff. Some other might chime in on some feedback for Local.

    My socks get knocked off by something I didn't grow up with so I lean more toward ethnic places. That is something to take into consideration. I also understand that it takes time to drive to these places to round up gift certificates but if it is a good foodie friend I would do it for them.

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      In case the OP isn't a Dallasite, and driving to those places to round up gift certificates isn't feasible, I'd bet you could manage pretty well with just a telephone and a credit card.

    2. I like York Street, Abacus, and, the French Room at the Adolphus. But, if I had $400.00 to spend, there's only one place in town to fit the bill. Aurora!

      1. 560 would probably be appropriate. Or possibly Craft, I assume that would get them into Ghostbar afterwards.

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          There is no cover at Ghost bar. Not that I have ever encountered.

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            thanks for the feedback - i am indeed not a in DC. i'll talk it over with my buddy who i'm going in with and see if he wants the one blowout vs. multiple place barrage.

            i think my buddy is kind of over craft, and most definitely over ghostbar. he has to entertain people when they come to town for work, and i think those both match the kind of places that people think they want to go he's probably sick of.

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              Samar is new, just opened a few weeks ago, and is a great new concept for the area. It is all small plates. Very beautiful, no cheese factor, and has hookahs! Wonderful cocktails. The other Pyles restaurant (considered the father of Southwest cuisine) is just a stone throw away, and has a nice variety, including a ceviche and tapas bar. Nice South American influence with great seafood and steaks.

          2. $250 @ Tei An (ask for An Omakase)
            $150 @ Samar