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Nov 2, 2009 12:06 PM

Pork belly in Columbus,ohio

If you, like myself just got your new Momofuku cookbook by New York Chef David Chang and want to make some Pork belly, I just special ordered some from Hill's Market for less than $3 a pound. I tried Whole Foods first but they don't supply pork belly. HIll's Market will have my delivery on Thursday and todays Monday-can't wait!!

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  1. if you are craving the pork buns like at the ssam bar, dont forget any credible chinese place around columbus can make them too (char siu bao). meaning, i like chang's restaurants and those are a signature, but lets not over hype it - ha.

    please report back after you use the cookbook!

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      WOW! Finally got around to making this!! I made the pork belly ssam and served it on lettuce leaves with rice and the mustard seed sauce in the book- it was lovely! I've never pickled mustard seeds before and enjoyed the flavors. I happened to have some left over peanut satay sauce and i used that as a condiment as well. Very straight forward and easy- the longest part was standing at the stove for 45 min simmering/stirring the mustard seeds. I didn't outside bbq-grill the pork belly but used a grill pan inside and the char marks were spot on. Don't know if you really have to baste the pork belly in the oven, if you leave enough fat on top it pretty much bastes itself- the top of it gets PRETTY darn dark. I'd serve this dish to company in a heart beat!

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        Chang's pork buns are good - and certainly his "signature," but it is his use of superior quality ingredients and unique spice selection that makes his food at the restaurants so good. I've had some of the more "famous" fried chicken's in Michelin Starred restaurants and the version I had at Ssam blew them away.

        If the "credible" chinese places around Columbus are sourcing ingredients and spices from the same places that Chang is, then perhaps they'll be as good.

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          Sorry fella, no silver spoon here - I'm self funded.........and I assure you there is a difference between the chicken at Momofuku or Boulevard and that at KFC.