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St. Louis MO to Ocean Springs MS stopping in Jackson MS

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I am visiting my Father in Ocean Springs this week and we are driving down. We should pull a long haul the first day, probably lunching in Memphis at Gus's, but I have not been in Jackson before. We will need dinner and breakfast there. We like all sorts of food and have a strong preferance for local establishments. What can't we miss? Thanks!

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  1. For Dinner....Here is one we enjoy when in Jackson


    Not sure how current the dinner menu is...but it will give you the idea and the feel

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      Love Walker's too. Some other suggestions: Nick's (fine dining), Bravo (Italian-ish), Sal & Mookie's (pizza), El Guadalupe (taqueria), Julep (semi-Southern), Broad Street (sandwiches), Tico's (steak). Breakfast is not really my thing, but Primo's is good. Broad Street has good pastries/muffins. Post if you need more info or are looking for something in a specific area.

    2. Thanks so much for your advice! I am going to look up all of these and figure out where we are going to go. We will be there tomorrow night if anyone else has any opinions!

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        Bon Ami in Maywood Mart for breakfast (dinner, too, for that matter).

        Bon Ami
        1220 E Northside Dr Ste 230, Jackson, MS 39211