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Nov 2, 2009 11:04 AM

Good Indian/Thai near Silver Spring, Rockville, Olney

So my girlfriend and I have been craving some good indian/thai food lately but we really don't know where to go. The only requirements are that the price be moderate and that my girlfriend who isn't a fan of fish and is allergic to tomatoes can eat. Thanks!

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  1. I got turned on to the Ambassador Dining Room years ago by a friend, Duff Goldman (the "Ace of Cakes.")
    It's at 3811 Canterbury Road in Baltimore, 410 366-1484.
    I've eaten indian food all over the world, including India, and this place never ceases to please on all levels -- quality, presentation, service, atmosphere. It is easily the best Indian restaurant I've been to in my life. I'm a former professional chef and have been a food writer for 22 years, so I'm damn hard to please. But Ambassador never fails.

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      thanks for the great recommendation, but that's really not near the location I'm asking for...

    2. For Thai food, Nava Thai and Ruan Thai, both in Wheaton, are very good. For Indian, we like Spice Xing and Bombay Bistro in downtown Rockville. Probably the best Indian in MoCo is Passage to India in downtown Bethesda, but that may be outside your travel zone.

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        Seconded across the board - foodtrip typed exactly what I would have typed.

      2. Ruan Thai in Silver Sping / Wheaton (nr. Georgia and University).

        They do have a tendency to cut back on the heat, so if you like your Thai food spicy, make sure you ask for it, or some dishes might come out a bit sweet.

        See report at the following link:

        1. For the best Thai, I always went to Amina Thai in Rockville near White Flint.

          1. Thai Jasmine Bistro and India Palace, both in Rockville are my standbys.

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              Thai House Restaurant is my new fav thai joint...its kinda hidden but well worth it.....the owners are super nice and the food is spicy! For Indian I like India Palace in Rockville as well

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                We just got takeout from Thai House. It's really good and the food is completely different than at Thai Jasmine - maybe the owners are from different parts of the country?

                Anyways, you weren't kidding, that is SPICY. My "medium spicy" made my mouth burn and my normally asbestos mouthed boyfriend is whimpering in joy over his spicy crispy duck.

                Totally another option to add into my rotation, but I think I'll still with "whimpy American spicy" next time!